Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hearts, roses and all things red

Ok, ok, so Valentine's Day is just another Hallmark creation and something I've never really been into (unless you count when I was in Primary School and got a "secret admirer" card from someone who's hand writing I could pick a mile off). But alas, I think I've fallen prey to all the advertising card and gift companies do for February 14th and am feeling like a Valentine's Day post is in order.
I've been keeping my eye on things in the blogs I read and in recent shopping trips and whether you've got $5 or $500 to spend (or even nothing!) check out just some of the great ideas that are out there for your special someone.

Items in the picture are:
Double initial necklace US$22 from Solomon Lane Jewellery on Etsy
Heart shape egg mould US$9 Fred Flare
Red spotted bra $22 Cotton On Body
Satchel bag $69.95 Sussan
Sweetheart compact mirror US$1.50 Forever21
Paper message flowers (free!) - instructions from Martha Stewart
"From the bottom of my heart" greeting card US$1.25 Minted
Heart tie US$31.75 Zazzle
Rose petals from your local florist (display them in a heart shape on the table with a candle in the middle and... voila! World's cheapest Valentine's centrepiece)
Moet & Chandon (prices vary) available at your local bottle shop


design+style recommends: Ask Me Makeup

1. Ask Me Makeup
I've been a big fan of Amy B's Youtube Channel for a long time and am totally in love with all her new business ventures. As a fully qualified makeup artist, she started posting video's of great ways to apply makeup, what you should have in your make up bag and even ways to get great hairstyles to match your dolled up face.
With her own website, that includes a link to her blog, Meet Me at Ruby's and a downloadable online magazine, she's now branched out into the world of photography and is doing a bang up job of it!
I first came across Amy B when I went searching for ways to get Audrey Hepburn's make up from Breakfast at Tiffanys and ever since then, have fallen in love with her videos. If you're after tips on how to do a smokey eye, formal looks, berry eyes and lips and even costume inspired makeup, check our Ask Me Makeup now.... I know you're going to love her....

Here's just one of my favourite video's of Amy's, the classic smokey eye (what I'll be doing for my girls night out this Saturday!)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girl crush: Marion Cotillard

Man, can this gal do no wrong in the fashion stakes. Sure, being French generally means you've got fashion in your genes but Marion could make a potato sack look couture..... She's just devine!


Monday, January 25, 2010

What to wear: What I'm wearing

Yes, it's another What to Wear today but instead of showing you something that could be worn, I thought I'd show you what I am wearing to my girls night out this Saturday.

Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on an image of the dress I picked up from Witchery on the weekend (it's not available on their website yet) so I'm apologising for the crappy quality of the photo I had to take myself (take my word for it, the dress looks fantastic on if you think it looks a little average in my picture!).

I had my eye on this dress ever since it popped up in the store and just new it would work really well with some black accessories. Not only is it able to be glammed up with a big black cuff and some shoulder dusters (ie. big earrings!) but I know I'll be able to put it together with some nude coloured accessories for a wedding I have later in the year.

The neckline and sleeves are ever so flattering and I thought I'd include an example of how I'm going to do my hair to go with the outfit (or rather how my hairdresser will do it!).

In the picture
Dress $169.95 Witchery
Belt $69.95 Sportscraft
Earrings $129 Mimco
Clutch $24.99 Equip
Cuff US$6.80 Forever21
Shoes $89.95 Lipstik


Friday, January 22, 2010

What to wear: One Stop Shop

After a few hours of shopping with my Mum yesterday, I realised something great about so many brands we have available to us in Australia - so many stores can offer you an entire outfit for a reasonable price. While a lot of people put down 'chain-store chic', they certainly know their markets well. Check out just a few locals who can help you put together a quick fix (including one for the boys!).....

In this picture - Witchery Woman
Dress $189.95
Shoes $169.95
Bag $69.95
Ring $59.95
Earrings $39.95

In this picture - Witchery Man
Shirt $29.95 (on sale)
Shorts $29.95 (on sale)
Bag $199.95
Shoes $49.95
Sunglasses $69.95
Watch $299.95
In this picture - Sportsgirl
Dress $69.95
Shoes $89.95
Bag $39.95
Nail Polish $7.95
Sunglasses $39.95

In this picture - French Connection
Dress $129.95
Shoes $249.95
Bag $49.95
Necklace $79.95
For those of you in need of new shoes, get yourself into Wittner FAST!
They are having an 80% off sale for 4 days only - yes, 80% off!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little bit of this, little bit of that

So my lovely Mum is coming up to spend a few days with me today and I can't wait to catch up with her. While it hasn't been that long since she was here last and we talk a lot, I always love it when we get time to shop, have coffee, gossip etc. She is the only person I know that can shop as long as I can and not get bored (or get sore feet!) so to have her here to do the whip around Brisvegas is always such fun (it helps we have such similar taste in everything as well, we always want to go into the same stores!).

One thing I'm going to get her to help me with when we do go shopping is a dress I need for a girls night in a week or so. Every year my girlfriends and I try to catch up for a Christmas dinner but some years it's so hard to get everyone together on the same night that we end up having to have a belated Christmas 'do' in January. This year is also going to be the first time we have almost all of our group back together since approximately 2006 (unfortunately one lovely lady - Miss K - is still overseas and can't make it but I know she'll be there in spirit!). As you can imagine, everyone is super excited about having our friends all together again so it's no doubt going to be a big night.

The one dilemma we of course always face (other than trying to find a date everyone is free!) is what to wear. This is actually part of the reason why I started the new segment on the blog a few weeks back. I am always scouring websites for inspiration on what to wear to most events but I particularly love putting together an outfit for our GNO's (Girls Night Out) because it's one of the few times in the year I really get to dress up.

So far, I've put together 2 options for a Girls Night Out in What to Wear today. First up, something a little goth inspired - Dark Romance. I remember seeing a great black lace dress at Barkins a few months back and wished I'd bought it then as lace is definately big in the coming seasons. So when fishing around on a few sites yesterday, I came across this cute Valleygirl lace dress (check out that awesome price!) and thought it was screaming out to be put in my What to Wear section.

Some tough boots and long chain bag make this look a bit more tough than girly and to top it off, a lick of bright red lippy would go down a treat. Just remember - if you have a stand out lip, go easy on the eyes (never do both). If you're not one for red lipstick, a nice smoky eye look would work with this as well, just be careful you don't make yourself look like you should be in a Twilight movie!

In the picture
Dress $29.95 Valleygirl
Shoes $52.50 (on sale) Mollini
Bag $19.99 Equip
Earrings $24.99 Diva
Lipstick $33 Napoleon Perdis Goddess Lipstick in Xenia

The complete opposite of the Dark Romance look are some pretty florals. There are print dresses everywhere at the moment so it's hard not to get swept up in the cuteness of them all. While in this weather a blazer is simply too hot to wear anywhere but in air conditioning, I love the look of one with a strapless dress so included it none the less. By chosing a basic colour for your accessories, the dress is the stand out in this outfit and with a little fake tan to top off the look, you'll be giving Lauren Conrad a run for her money in no time.

In the picture
Dress $69 Ladakh (available from Freez)
Blazer $79.95 Forcast
Clutch $89.95 Witchery
Shoes $37.50 (on sale) Mollini
Ring $22,99 Diva
Bangle $39.95 Witchery
Earrings US$3.80 Forever 21

I also had to include some of my favourite dresses from this week's Golden Globe awards in the US. I was watching Entertainment Tonight yesterday and couldn't help but laugh when they brought on their "fashion guru" Cojo to do the best and worst dressed. How can someone give his opinion on the best and worst dressed when he turned up wearing a pale pink tuxedo jacket and has long, blonde locks that look like they're a week away from dreadlocks? Go figure!

So anyway, since I didn't agree with his list of best and worst, I thought I'd just show you my favourites (just the best - I don't believe in talking about the worst, they all looked pretty fantastic to me!)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to wear

Another 2 What to Wear for today since I haven't posted for a few days. First up, a little something perfect for an Australia Day BBQ. It's always nice to get a public holiday in the middle of the week and as we all know, Australia Day is a favourite. Beers, BBQ's galore, Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown, you can almost smell the sausages cooking already!
In the picture:
Dress $89.95 Sportsgirl
Bag $229 Country Road
Necklace $24.99 Diva
Belt $44.95 Sussan
Sunglasses $129 Vogue
Sandals $99.95 Witchery

Next up, a little something different for you - this time costume inspired! My man and I were out shopping for new clothes for him recently and when standing at the counter of Universal, I came across some of the most crazy jewellery I've ever seen. Made by a company called Icon Brand, it was a great range of necklaces, bracelets and more for both men and women. But the one that caught my eye was the cutest little silver necklace with a teacup and spoon pendant on the end.
As soon as I picked it up, I thought of Alice In Wonderland and so with the new Tim Burton version of the movie due out in Australia soon, I thought it was only appropriate to put together a little crazy Alice costume that shouldn't cost you the earth.

In the picture
Dress $29.95 Barkins
Shoes $175 Sambag (for cheaper, try Target or Rubi Shoes)
Brooch US$12.50 Etsy (Clayshion)
Tights $19.90 Costume Box
Headband $14.99 Diva
Rabbit doll $26.95 Jellycat (available from Peanut Gallery)
Apron US$21 Etsy (Kathys Aprons)


Friday, January 15, 2010

What to wear: Hello Weekend

Ok, Ok, so I'm going a bit overboard with the new segment but I can't help it.... Hopefully some of you have got some inspiration out of the few What to Wear's I've posted so far and since no-one has complained about them, I can only assume you are enjoying them!

Today I'm posting two outfits both perfect for the weekend ahead. Outfit one has a little French Riviera feel to it - stripes will do that! The good thing about this outfit is it's versatility - great if you've got a spot of shopping to do, going to lunch with friends or even heading down the Gold Coast for Big Day Out on Sunday!

Outfit one:
Top $79.95 Piper Lane (from BirdMotel)
Shorts $89.95 Witchery
Hat $19.95 Just Jeans
Sunnies $169 Saba
Belt $44.95 Indy C
Bag $39.95 Indy C
Shoes $39.95 Globe (from City Beach)

Our second outfit today is inspired by The Hills star, Audrina Partridge. When visiting Oz a little while back for the MTV Awards, she rocked a great white T and jeans ensemble that I have always loved. I'm a big fan of a really simple top, great jeans and black heels - a staple outfit you can always fall back on if you have nothing else to wear. The ripped jeans give the outfit a bit of a rock-chick edge and if it's a bit chilly outside, just add a tailored black blazer just like Miss Partridge did.

Outfit 2:

Top $59.95 Witchery

Jeans $139.95 Just Jeans

Belt $69.95 Country Road

Blazer $169.95 Sportsgirl

Necklace $16.95 Sportsgirl

Shoes $59.95 Payless Shoes

I hope you get some inspiration from today's outfits, enjoy your weekend whatever you're doing and pray for a sunny day, no lines to get a drink and some killer bands at Big Day Out 2010.....

And.... just to get you in the mood for the weekend, a little music (my favourite Friday afternoon track).


Thursday, January 14, 2010

What to wear: Summer Garden Party

Another What to Wear for today (cause they're so fun to do and I got some lovely feedback from Miss S, thank you!).

Since it's a very warm day here in Brisvegas today, I thought I needed to put together a nice light, summery outfit. I remember seeing this great Barkins dress in store and in a magazine a month or so ago and I just noticed it's now on sale. Perfect for an afternoon garden party or even a summer wedding which no doubt a lot of you have coming up. Keeping the shoes simple, I picked up the lovely green colour in the print of the dress by adding a cute emerald clutch and bangle. Definately wedding worthy and under $300 for the lot!

In the picture:
Dress $29.95 (on sale) Barkins
Clutch $49 Ninewest
Bangles cream US$4.80 Forever21
Bangle green US$3.80 Forever21
Shoes $169.95 Witchery
Earrings $12.95 Sportsgirl


I'm in LOVE........

.....with label By Malene Birger.

It's not often you see a designers collection and can say without a doubt that you love every single piece in the campaign but with Spring/Summer 2010 from label Malene Birger, I can!

Without a doubt, I am totally and utterly in love with this label and want every outfit in the collection. The tapered trousers, those beautifully cut dresses, that flash of light blue (a huge colour for this season if you haven't noticed it in stores already), the jewellery, the hats...... arrrggghhh!

Check out all the loveliness....
(click on the images to see larger versions)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New segment: What to Wear

It's time for a new addition to design+style!

Plenty of bloggers do this so it's nothing new in the online world, just new for design+style - please welcome our new segment for 2010, What to Wear. If you're not one to scour fashion websites but need some inspiration before hitting the shops then keep your eyes out for these posts!

First up today, I've created a look for those who might be feeling the post-Christmas pinch. It might take some a few months before you have another event to attend after all the celebrations of Christmas and New Year but for others, it doesn't stop.

Ever had one of those last minute Friday meetings and are looking a little too much like you're ready for drinks and it's only 11am? Then keep a black blazer at work - they smarten up any outfit in seconds. BUT.....Don't want to look too much like you've gone straight from an appointment to after work drinks with the gals? Then ditch the blazer and add a snazzy necklace. By keeping your shoes and bag basic (ie. no gladiator heels at the office), your 9 to 5 outfit says lets get down to business while your after hours look says ladies, lets dance!

In the picture:

Blazer US$29.80 Forever 21

Skirt $29.95 Valleygirl

Tank $19.95 Witchery

Bag $24.80 Forever 21

Shoes $89.95 Lipstik

Belt $29.95 Sportsgirl

Necklace $39.95 French Connection

If you've got a fashion dilemma and want me to put an outfit together, feel free to email me! I hope you enjoy the new segment, comments welcome as always.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogs worth checking out, Big Day Out + more

I've recently come across 2 fabulous new blogs that you just MUST check out. Judy & Jane Aldridge are an American mother & daughter team who are so amazing that I have been spending all my morning blog reading time going back over their posts for 2009.

I won't ramble on about them because I think you need to see the blogs for themselves - Judy's Atlantis Home and Jane's Sea of Shoes. You can tell they are big on the fashion scene when they have articles written about them in Teen Vogue & Modern Luxury (an American home magazine) and even get invited to visit Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris - helloooo!

I try and update my list of links regularly with all the new sites I find so don't forget, it's over in the right hand column titled md+s recommends (just scroll down the page if you can't see it).

Is anyone heading to Big Day Out on the Goldie this Sunday? We are and I'm so excited! After a dissapointing Stereosonic festival in early December, I'm looking forward to seeing the awesome bands that are playing at BDO this year. On our list of who to check out is Karnivool (their song All I Know I voted number 1 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2009!), Temper Trap (love, love, love their song Sweet Disposition), Itch-E & Scratch-E, Calvin Harris, Muse and if we can make it from the main stage to the Boiler Room without getting trampled to death, we'll try and catch Groove Armada. If you haven't seen the timetable and map for the festivities, it's online here.

Of course, once our timetable has been organised, I've had to work out what to wear. Normally I stick with shorts, singlet and bikini top but this time round I've decided to wear something a little bit "festival-ish". I was doing a quick whip through the cheapo stores recently (because I'm on a strict spending budget) and came across the cutest, cheapest singlet in Valleygirl that I just had to have. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a top I'd seen Nicole Richie wearing a few years back that I absolutely loved. I'm hoping to pick up a pair of denim shorts to wear with it and will accessorise with a tan belt, tan shoulder bag and black havaianas - a cheap but chic outfit perfect for BDO. I also always make sure I don't take my expensive D&G sunglasses to festivals on the off chance that I will lose or break them so I'm going to go all out and wear a pair of Wayfarer copies I bought for a costume a year or so ago (I never thought I suited this style but I figure if Audrey Hepburn can wear them, I can too!).
Floral Ruffle Singlet $29.95 (Valleygirl)
Wayfarer copies $39.95 (Sportsgirl)
Denim shorts $27.99 (Ally Fashion)
Tan Plaited belt $69.96 (Country Road)
Metal Logo thongs $21.95 (Havaianas)

Nicole Richie's top that inspired my purchase.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Mood board: Burnt Orange

After eyeing off a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn print on Etsy the other day, I thought it was time for another mood board. Since the print had the most fantastic colour orange in the background, I figure that was the perfect colour to use as inspiration. Enjoy.

Credits (left to right, top row to bottom)

Oranges photo: Leslie Thomson on Etsy

Party invitation:

Baby Switch bag $96: Louenhide

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Popular Penguins

Lace back detail tank: Witchery

Lea Michele from Glee at the People's Choice Awards: Popsugar

Karen from Where Did You Get That

Audrey print: Doc Martin Studio on Etsy


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year, new you (or rather... me)

Yes, I sound like a Jenny Craig commercial but let me assure you, this has nothing to do with weight loss. This post is more a I don't make new years resolutions but feel I need a change type thing.

I'm normally not the kind of person who starts the new year by making promises to myself and this year is no different. What I have decided though, is that I need a bit of a change in my appearence. No, I'm not going on a diet. Yes, I'd like to get fitter but even that might be pushing it. It's much more boring than that. I've decided to cut my hair.

Some of you might think this small in the grand scheme of things and you're probably right but I think that with a new do, I might feel like I'm starting afresh and I think I need it. The back end of 2009 was unfortunately not the best time for me so I think now is as good as any to cast of all my negative vibes from last year and get 2010 moving in a new direction.

We've always looked to celebrities for ideas and styles and there can be none bigger in the past decade than the drastic haircut Mrs Beckham undertook way back when. Those long, lushess locks she sported on the side of the soccer field (majority fake FYI) were all cut off and the asymmetrical bob (or Pob - short for Posh bob) was born. It's likely that there is nothing this woman can't pull off (including the aforementioned Pob died peroxide blonde) but you have to give it to Posh - she knows how to start a trend. In fact, even my own MUM has had her hair cut in a similar fashion (Posh would be proud).

Victoria's own little protege Katie Holmes was one of the next celeb's to copy the drastic cut and I think you'll all agree - it was for the better. The sweet, fresh faced gal from Dawson's Creek standing next to her new husband Tom Cruise looked like she could be hugging her Dad with all those long, wavy locks. The best thing she did for her appearance was to make the chop and re-invent herself as a hot new Mum. I loved her look the best when she appeared on the red carpet in 2007 with a short, blunt fringe and dark black eye makeup - right (not to mention that stunning gold shrug).

Newspapers went mad when Katie cut her bob even shorter accusing her of being a mini-Posh in the making but really, did anyone care? If I was Posh, I'd be flattered a good friend thought that much of me to copy my haircut.

The long-to-short trend has captured everyone in Hollywood from Eva Longoria to most recently Hayden Panettiere and they're all pulling it off with ease. I even have a few friends from my last place of work who decided to bite the bullet and cut their long locks off for a sleeker, shorter chin length style so it's no surprise that I'm thinking of something new myself.

What I will need to be careful of though is how short is too short. I have had my own hair shoulder length a few times before and always loved it every time so it's possible I'll go back to that again (for fear of not being able to tie it up in a ponytail when I don't want to do anything with it). My fail safe image I've been taking to my hairdresser for years has been that of a favourite celeb of mine, Nicole Richie.

Whether it's straight or wavy, honey blonde or dark brunette, I've always loved the side swept look Nicole pulls off. While at many stages her hair has been long thanks to some blonde extensions and the gold House of Harlow head pieces aren't really quite my thing (although she does look cute in them), the gorgeous shoulder length bob I found when google searching hairstyles a few years back has always been a great backup when my hairdresser asks "So what are we doing today?" (see image 2 in the above series for the one I use).

I'd love to take a big risk and chop it off even shorter (like image 3, above) but my Mum made a good point when I told her about my hair appointment. If it's that short, you can't tie it up easily. Ok, ok, so Mum's are always right. Mind you, doing the same thing I've done for the past few years won't really be much of a change now will it? I think I'll have to sleep on it and since I've got until Friday before my appointment, no doubt I'm going to toss up whether to go longer or shorter a million times before I decide what to do.

Till next time readers..... when my hair is shorter!

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