Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New segment: What to Wear

It's time for a new addition to design+style!

Plenty of bloggers do this so it's nothing new in the online world, just new for design+style - please welcome our new segment for 2010, What to Wear. If you're not one to scour fashion websites but need some inspiration before hitting the shops then keep your eyes out for these posts!

First up today, I've created a look for those who might be feeling the post-Christmas pinch. It might take some a few months before you have another event to attend after all the celebrations of Christmas and New Year but for others, it doesn't stop.

Ever had one of those last minute Friday meetings and are looking a little too much like you're ready for drinks and it's only 11am? Then keep a black blazer at work - they smarten up any outfit in seconds. BUT.....Don't want to look too much like you've gone straight from an appointment to after work drinks with the gals? Then ditch the blazer and add a snazzy necklace. By keeping your shoes and bag basic (ie. no gladiator heels at the office), your 9 to 5 outfit says lets get down to business while your after hours look says ladies, lets dance!

In the picture:

Blazer US$29.80 Forever 21

Skirt $29.95 Valleygirl

Tank $19.95 Witchery

Bag $24.80 Forever 21

Shoes $89.95 Lipstik

Belt $29.95 Sportsgirl

Necklace $39.95 French Connection

If you've got a fashion dilemma and want me to put an outfit together, feel free to email me! I hope you enjoy the new segment, comments welcome as always.


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