Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year, new you (or rather... me)

Yes, I sound like a Jenny Craig commercial but let me assure you, this has nothing to do with weight loss. This post is more a I don't make new years resolutions but feel I need a change type thing.

I'm normally not the kind of person who starts the new year by making promises to myself and this year is no different. What I have decided though, is that I need a bit of a change in my appearence. No, I'm not going on a diet. Yes, I'd like to get fitter but even that might be pushing it. It's much more boring than that. I've decided to cut my hair.

Some of you might think this small in the grand scheme of things and you're probably right but I think that with a new do, I might feel like I'm starting afresh and I think I need it. The back end of 2009 was unfortunately not the best time for me so I think now is as good as any to cast of all my negative vibes from last year and get 2010 moving in a new direction.

We've always looked to celebrities for ideas and styles and there can be none bigger in the past decade than the drastic haircut Mrs Beckham undertook way back when. Those long, lushess locks she sported on the side of the soccer field (majority fake FYI) were all cut off and the asymmetrical bob (or Pob - short for Posh bob) was born. It's likely that there is nothing this woman can't pull off (including the aforementioned Pob died peroxide blonde) but you have to give it to Posh - she knows how to start a trend. In fact, even my own MUM has had her hair cut in a similar fashion (Posh would be proud).

Victoria's own little protege Katie Holmes was one of the next celeb's to copy the drastic cut and I think you'll all agree - it was for the better. The sweet, fresh faced gal from Dawson's Creek standing next to her new husband Tom Cruise looked like she could be hugging her Dad with all those long, wavy locks. The best thing she did for her appearance was to make the chop and re-invent herself as a hot new Mum. I loved her look the best when she appeared on the red carpet in 2007 with a short, blunt fringe and dark black eye makeup - right (not to mention that stunning gold shrug).

Newspapers went mad when Katie cut her bob even shorter accusing her of being a mini-Posh in the making but really, did anyone care? If I was Posh, I'd be flattered a good friend thought that much of me to copy my haircut.

The long-to-short trend has captured everyone in Hollywood from Eva Longoria to most recently Hayden Panettiere and they're all pulling it off with ease. I even have a few friends from my last place of work who decided to bite the bullet and cut their long locks off for a sleeker, shorter chin length style so it's no surprise that I'm thinking of something new myself.

What I will need to be careful of though is how short is too short. I have had my own hair shoulder length a few times before and always loved it every time so it's possible I'll go back to that again (for fear of not being able to tie it up in a ponytail when I don't want to do anything with it). My fail safe image I've been taking to my hairdresser for years has been that of a favourite celeb of mine, Nicole Richie.

Whether it's straight or wavy, honey blonde or dark brunette, I've always loved the side swept look Nicole pulls off. While at many stages her hair has been long thanks to some blonde extensions and the gold House of Harlow head pieces aren't really quite my thing (although she does look cute in them), the gorgeous shoulder length bob I found when google searching hairstyles a few years back has always been a great backup when my hairdresser asks "So what are we doing today?" (see image 2 in the above series for the one I use).

I'd love to take a big risk and chop it off even shorter (like image 3, above) but my Mum made a good point when I told her about my hair appointment. If it's that short, you can't tie it up easily. Ok, ok, so Mum's are always right. Mind you, doing the same thing I've done for the past few years won't really be much of a change now will it? I think I'll have to sleep on it and since I've got until Friday before my appointment, no doubt I'm going to toss up whether to go longer or shorter a million times before I decide what to do.

Till next time readers..... when my hair is shorter!


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