Friday, January 22, 2010

What to wear: One Stop Shop

After a few hours of shopping with my Mum yesterday, I realised something great about so many brands we have available to us in Australia - so many stores can offer you an entire outfit for a reasonable price. While a lot of people put down 'chain-store chic', they certainly know their markets well. Check out just a few locals who can help you put together a quick fix (including one for the boys!).....

In this picture - Witchery Woman
Dress $189.95
Shoes $169.95
Bag $69.95
Ring $59.95
Earrings $39.95

In this picture - Witchery Man
Shirt $29.95 (on sale)
Shorts $29.95 (on sale)
Bag $199.95
Shoes $49.95
Sunglasses $69.95
Watch $299.95
In this picture - Sportsgirl
Dress $69.95
Shoes $89.95
Bag $39.95
Nail Polish $7.95
Sunglasses $39.95

In this picture - French Connection
Dress $129.95
Shoes $249.95
Bag $49.95
Necklace $79.95
For those of you in need of new shoes, get yourself into Wittner FAST!
They are having an 80% off sale for 4 days only - yes, 80% off!

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