Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little bit of this, little bit of that

So my lovely Mum is coming up to spend a few days with me today and I can't wait to catch up with her. While it hasn't been that long since she was here last and we talk a lot, I always love it when we get time to shop, have coffee, gossip etc. She is the only person I know that can shop as long as I can and not get bored (or get sore feet!) so to have her here to do the whip around Brisvegas is always such fun (it helps we have such similar taste in everything as well, we always want to go into the same stores!).

One thing I'm going to get her to help me with when we do go shopping is a dress I need for a girls night in a week or so. Every year my girlfriends and I try to catch up for a Christmas dinner but some years it's so hard to get everyone together on the same night that we end up having to have a belated Christmas 'do' in January. This year is also going to be the first time we have almost all of our group back together since approximately 2006 (unfortunately one lovely lady - Miss K - is still overseas and can't make it but I know she'll be there in spirit!). As you can imagine, everyone is super excited about having our friends all together again so it's no doubt going to be a big night.

The one dilemma we of course always face (other than trying to find a date everyone is free!) is what to wear. This is actually part of the reason why I started the new segment on the blog a few weeks back. I am always scouring websites for inspiration on what to wear to most events but I particularly love putting together an outfit for our GNO's (Girls Night Out) because it's one of the few times in the year I really get to dress up.

So far, I've put together 2 options for a Girls Night Out in What to Wear today. First up, something a little goth inspired - Dark Romance. I remember seeing a great black lace dress at Barkins a few months back and wished I'd bought it then as lace is definately big in the coming seasons. So when fishing around on a few sites yesterday, I came across this cute Valleygirl lace dress (check out that awesome price!) and thought it was screaming out to be put in my What to Wear section.

Some tough boots and long chain bag make this look a bit more tough than girly and to top it off, a lick of bright red lippy would go down a treat. Just remember - if you have a stand out lip, go easy on the eyes (never do both). If you're not one for red lipstick, a nice smoky eye look would work with this as well, just be careful you don't make yourself look like you should be in a Twilight movie!

In the picture
Dress $29.95 Valleygirl
Shoes $52.50 (on sale) Mollini
Bag $19.99 Equip
Earrings $24.99 Diva
Lipstick $33 Napoleon Perdis Goddess Lipstick in Xenia

The complete opposite of the Dark Romance look are some pretty florals. There are print dresses everywhere at the moment so it's hard not to get swept up in the cuteness of them all. While in this weather a blazer is simply too hot to wear anywhere but in air conditioning, I love the look of one with a strapless dress so included it none the less. By chosing a basic colour for your accessories, the dress is the stand out in this outfit and with a little fake tan to top off the look, you'll be giving Lauren Conrad a run for her money in no time.

In the picture
Dress $69 Ladakh (available from Freez)
Blazer $79.95 Forcast
Clutch $89.95 Witchery
Shoes $37.50 (on sale) Mollini
Ring $22,99 Diva
Bangle $39.95 Witchery
Earrings US$3.80 Forever 21

I also had to include some of my favourite dresses from this week's Golden Globe awards in the US. I was watching Entertainment Tonight yesterday and couldn't help but laugh when they brought on their "fashion guru" Cojo to do the best and worst dressed. How can someone give his opinion on the best and worst dressed when he turned up wearing a pale pink tuxedo jacket and has long, blonde locks that look like they're a week away from dreadlocks? Go figure!

So anyway, since I didn't agree with his list of best and worst, I thought I'd just show you my favourites (just the best - I don't believe in talking about the worst, they all looked pretty fantastic to me!)


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