Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The September Issue

The September Issue (thanks to Sundance Film Festival website for the description).

Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue for 20 years, is the most powerful and polarizing figure in fashion. Larger than life and more complex than fiction, Wintour embodies a fascinating contradiction of passion and perfectionism as she reigns over a dizzying array of designers, models, photographers, and editors.

Director R.J. Cutler delivers a rare insider account of the nine months leading up to the printing of the highly anticipated September issue of the magazine, which promises to be the biggest one ever. He takes us behind the scenes at fashion week, to Europe and back, on shoots and reshoots, and into closed-door staff meetings, bearing witness to an arduous and sometimes emotionally demanding process.

At the eye of this annual fashion hurricane is the two-decade relationship between Wintour and Grace Coddington, incomparable creative director and genius stylist. They are perfectly matched for this age-old conflict between creator and curator. Through them, we see close up the delicate creative chemistry it takes to remain at the top of the ever-changing fashion field. Cutler cleverly deconstructs the creative process as it plays out in the hollowed halls of Vogue, lined with racks of couture. In The September Issue, his access and insight are impressive and make us aware that he is offering us a privileged glimpse into a world many dream about but few see.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Country Road Kids

After visiting the biggest Country Road store in Queensland on Saturday, I think I've succumbed to the "buying for baby" bug. Since I don't have kids but have a number of friends who do (and a few who are soon to pop), my shopping trips now always include a look in the children's sections and if you haven't checked out Country Road's section, you're missing out.
I could have easily bought 20 things, my favourite of all were the gorgeous silver ballet flats for babies (the same as the ones I happen to be wearing that day). With everything from cute red & cream striped woolen dresses and summery pinafores for girls to cowboy check shirts and cargo shorts for boys, they've got the stylish child look down pat.

Even cuter were the gorgeous catalogue posters on the walls with an array of lovely little-uns in duffle coats, beanies and scarves (all of which I'd love for myself if they made them in my size!).

Great for gifts of for your bubs if you've got them, check it out now while the sales are on.


Friday, June 26, 2009

More photos.... Chictopia style

I just couldn't help posting some more pics today, these ones again from the wonderful Chictopia.
I've been looking for a cute grey blazer like this for a few weeks now but alas, no such luck. Black is everywhere but I like the contrast of back jeans, a light coloured top and the grey jacket. The search continues.

I saw a cute singlet on sale in Sportsgirl recently in a similar colour to this great acid yellow/green and now wish I'd bought it. I love the bright colour of this top paired back with the pale shorts and black stockings/shoes. Chic!

Sister to the LBD - the LWD (little white dress). Done in Carrie-esk style with a cute studded belt. It's a little bit angel, it's a little bit devil. Love it.

In case you hadn't realised, I love the blazers and jeans look. And I particularly like this one cause it's a great example of a really basic outfit that looks really hot. There's just something about a little blazer that brings the outfit together. Great inspiration for a winter weekend.


A little bit of music....

If you haven't voted in Triple J's Hottest 100 of All Time yet, get a move on! Voting closes this Sunday evening so you don't have long to get your 10 together.

While I found it next to impossible to choose just 10 (so hard that I actually only voted for my top 3) it was great remembering all the things you were doing when you first heard these songs, the people they remind you of and how they've influenced your music taste over the years. In case you're wondering what my list comprises of, here's just a small sample (in no particular order).

My top 3:
1. Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
2. Metallica - Mama Said
3. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

The rest.... (you can see why I couldn't pick just 10)
Lamb - Gorecki
Portishead - Sour Times
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
Tool - Stinkfist
Hunters & Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me
Incubus - Drive
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
Little Feat - Willin
Fear Factory - Resurrection
Daft Punk - Around the World
The Prodigy - Breath
The Chemical Brothers - Sunday Morning
Underworld - Born Slippy
Metallica - Master of Puppets
The Police - Don't Stand So Close to Me
Massive Attack - Teardrops
Empire of the Sun - We Are the People
Crowded House - All I Ask
Eric Clapton - Layla
The Crystal Method - Trip Like I do
Itch-E & Scratch-E - Sweetness & Light
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Telephone & Rubber Band (theme song to the movie Malcolm)
Michael Jackson - Thriller
4 Strings - Take Me Away
The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home
Supreme Beings of Leisure - Never the Same
Pnau - Embrace
Lovers Electric - Honey
The Eagles - Hotel California
Rage Against the Machine - Gorilla Radio
Everything But The Girl - Missing you
Limp Bizkit - Red Light, Green Light
Linkin Park & Jay Z - Numb/Encore

And that's just a small selection..... RIP Michael Jackson, a true genius of the music world.


Friday photos - RIP Farrah

I couldn't not include the lovely and talented Farrah Fawcett in today's photos after hearing of her passing last night. Well before ladies were asking for "the Jennifer" at the hairdresser, women around the world were dreaming of long, blonde flowing locks just like the Charlie's Angels star (getting her haircut was easy, getting her body was a little more difficult!).

Also in today's line up are some more lovely ladies including Kate Moss at the opening of a friends hair salon in a gorgeous black lace dress (hello copies galore) and Megan Fox looking lovely in brights promoting Transformers 2.
Last but by NO means least, I've included 2 very stunning guys in today's photos - who could go past the young and delicious Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl (why Serena or Blair didn't stick with him I'll never know!) and the dashing and very well dressed Adrian Brody, heading off to a Hugo Boss catwalk show (doesn't he look the part?). This shot reminds me of my Grandfather - tall, lean, immaculately and appropriately dressed. Maybe some inspiration for any fellas out there this weekend...... (or at least for you to dress your man, ladies).
Thanks again to Popsugar for today's photos.
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Test Drive: Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

What THEY say:
UP TO 9x THE VOLUME - Give your lashes mega volume instantly. In just one coat of the mega brush your lashes are loaded with up to 9x more volume!

NEW COLLAGEN ENRICHED FORMULA - Collagen enriched formula with thickening agents boosts each lash, one by one, redefining volume to our colossal max.

MEGABRUSH - Applied by the oversized MegaBrush, to ensure all lashes are coated, giving gorgeous volume and conquering clumps!

Directions: Sweep brush upwards from root to tip to plump individual lashes and achieve dramatic volume. Continue building lashes until you reach your desired look. Do not let dry between coats. Repeat for lower lash line. Removes easily with soap and water.

I’m not normally one to fall prey to sales assistants suggestions when it comes to make up because I prefer to get a recommendation from a friend, work colleague or my Mum (someone who has actually used it and can offer an unbiased opinion). But when visiting Priceline recently to pick up some new mascara I was out of luck when looking for Maybelline’s Lash Blast which was suggested to me by my BFF. Enter the Colossal Volum’ Express. Haven’t seen it? You must be living under a rock then – it’s BIG, it’s YELLOW and it’s being advertised EVERYWHERE.

Having previously used everything from Revlon to Napoleon, the Colossal Volum’ Express isn’t bad for those on a budget, coming in at a reasonable $15. The large rubber brush makes it easy to get one quick coat on without having to check for clumps or remove smudges on your lids. Add a few more quick coats for a more dramatic look and your ready for your close up, Mr. Demil.

Pros: According to the guru’s over at Maybelline New York, this stuff is like a hairdryer for your eyelashes – volume, volume, volume. Think Bridget Bardot, Twiggy etc. So does it deliver? Well, I don’t know about 9 times the volume but I have to say, it is by far the smoothest mascara I’ve ever purchased.

Cons: Unfortunately it’s not the most waterproof of all mascara’s (in other words it will come off when chopping onions at dinner time) but that does make it easier to remove at the end of the day. Don’t be fooled by the images on the Maybelline website (see right) – thanks to the wonders of fake lashes and Photoshop, mascara advertisements are by far the most misleading of all advertisements. A landmark case in the US in 2007 involving L’Oreal changed the legislation for cosmetic companies and they now have to state in the ad when they use lash inserts or edit the images (in case it wasn’t blooming obvious).

Verdict: For risk of sounding like a broken record and test driving something that I’m going to give a good rating too, I can’t really help but give this product the thumbs up. Clumps are the biggest problem I’ve had with most mascara’s I’ve tried over the years and it seems this eliminates that issue.

4 out of 5 stars

Think outside the square

Don't get me wrong, pink ribbons, white lace and calligraphy have their place on a wedding invitation (if that's what you're into). But if like me you're not one of those girly girls or your husband-to-be doesn't seem to keen on having flowers and love hearts sent around to all his mates, here's a great idea to steal.

This is by far one of the most wonderful invitations I've ever seen. Clever, irreverant, funny, and unusual, I can only imagine these two are a riot. What a great way to show how much they love each other all the while being a bit tongue in cheek. While I don't know them personally, I bet their wedding wasn't your average church aisle, white dress type affair.

Now all I want to know is how he proposed! Enjoy.

* Click on the image for a larger view

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend wind-up

1. Chinese and karaoke are a match made in heaven.
What better way to help a work colleague celebrate her hen's night than plates full of good chinese. glasses overflowing with wine and a list of cheesy karaoke songs longer than a 10k marathon. Britney Spears would have been proud but Cindy Lauper may not have enjoyed hearing True Colours being belted out purposely off key.

2. Knee injuries mean flat shoes
I love my dog. Maybe more than I love clothes (and that's a big call). But when he runs into you in full flight and causes your knee to bend a way it's not supposed to, for a split second I really disliked him. But it didn't last long as I realised that having to wear flat shoes for the next 6 weeks is fine but only owning 2 wearable pairs is not. And so off to the shops. Thanks to this month’s Instyle magazine (with the stunning Sandra Bullock on the cover), I picked up a great pair of black ballet flats from Target for just $34.95. A great copy of the pair I had my eyes on in Wittner for 3 months but without the $130 price tag. Thanks to the people behind Cotton On, Rubi Shoes has popped up in most major shopping centres in Australia. For $20, I couldn’t go past the basic silver flats (they go great with almost every colour in my wardrobe).

3. My man is caling me a Nanna but I don’t care
Being home by midnight on a Saturday and making grilled cheese on toast doesn’t make me Grandma material just yet but buying a 41 pack of ribbons and a bunch of card making bits and pieces might just push me over the edge. Yes, sipping tea and making thank you cards is something that normally goes on in retirement homes but when you see the look on someone’s face when they realise you’ve taken the time to DIY their card, it’s well worth the Nanna name calling. Get yourself into your nearest Big W and head for the stationery isles – if you’ve got even the slightest creative bone in your body, you’ll walk out with enough bits and pieces to fill your entire linen cupboard.

4. Thank god for V8 Supercars
The only thing making me feel less of a Granny on this rainy Sunday afternoon was watching Michael Caruso win the second race at Darwin’s Skycity Triple Crown. Jamie Whincup might have snared top spot on the podium yesterday but thankfully the Garry Rogers Motorsport team got their number 1 driver across the line to give Holden fans something to cheer about. Now all we need is Will Davison to overtake Whincup on the championship ladder and life will be sweet.

5. Sunday Roasts with the in-laws
The best way to finish the weekend. Enough said.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bruno's A to Z Fashion Guide

A is for... AUSTRIA. Ze most amazing place in Europe. Ve’re all proud of our country und are raised to try und achieve ze Austrian dream – find a job, get a dungeon und raise a family in it.

B is for... BULIMIA. Still to me ze number one eating disorder if you want a great body. Ich vas in fact ze first Austrian to have bulimia, it vas 1987 – three years before Diana. No big deal votever.

C is for... CHINESE. Zere’s like over 500 billion of zem, yet zey don’t have one single model amongst them – vy is zat?

D is for... DESIGNERS. Fashion is ze most important und lifesaving of all ze sciences. Vood World War II ever have started if zere’d been a Berlin Fashion Veek in 1939? Ich don’t think so.

E is for... EIGHTY. About ze right number of hats to pack for a veekend avay.

F is for... FLORIAN. He’s mein godson, ich just vanted to mention him cos he makes me so proud. He’s only five, but Brüno has already taught him how to read, write und make himself throw up.

G is for... GIANT PANDA. Vot a beautiful, beautiful creature. A vord of vorning, though, its fur is not machine vashable.

H is for... HIGH-VAISTED JEANS. In terms of human tragedy on a mass scale, vy are zese not getting the attention zat Hurricane Katrina did?

I is for... INJUSTICE. Vy do zey give out Nobel Prizes for physics, medicine und svimming, but not for fashion?

J is for... JACOBS, MARC. Not just a fashion designer, but alzo an important œ vorld leader und beacon of hope for ze future of mankind. Not one suicide bomber has ever blown zemselves up vearing Marc Jacobs – you do ze mathematisher.

K is for... KAMPF, MEIN . Ze fashion bible written by Austria’s black sheep, Adolf. It literally translates as ‘My Flamboyance’.

L is for... ZE ‘LITTLE BLACK CHILD’. Thanks to Madonna und Brüno, it’s zis season’s vardrobe essential.

M is for... MR UNIVERSE. Ich helped Arnie vin zis for his final time in 1984. Ich met him at ze vay-in vere he was just over ze weight limit und needed to lose two ounces in seven minutes. Ich vas only too happy to help out.

N is for... NAOMI. She’s amazing – 20 years in ze business und all ze pressure und fame hasn’t changed her a bit – she’s remained a total bitch.

O is for... ORLANDO BLOOM . He’s basically obsessed mit me. I don’t vant to use ze word stalker, but ven ich vas at Milan Fashion Veek I stayed at ze Hotel Malecci. Guess who checked in to ze same hotel two hours later… Orlando Bloom. Coincidence? Ich don’t think so.

P is for... PINK . Just vatching him now on MTV. A great singer, great fashion sense und so hunky!

Q is for... QUEEN OF FASHION. Zis, of course, can only be Anna Vintour. Still timelessly dignified, stylish and feminine, despite being in her fifties und a pre-op trannie.

R is for... RUNWAY MODEL. Can you believe zis, I’ve never been one!

S is for... SEPTEMBER 11TH 2001. Famous, of course, for being ze day on vich Oscar de la Renta reintroduced ze chambray peasant blouse.

T is for... TAMPONS. Ze perfect thing to snack on to keep zose hunger pangs avay und stay looking great. Just one heavy flow size vill leave you feeling full up for ze whole day.

U is for... UNDERVEAR. Try not to go mit out it too often or you’ll end up having to play hackysack mit your kugels just to keep zem off ze ground. Personally, ich just leave off mein unterhosen for appropriate occasions, like if I’m going to ze beach, or if I’m vearing a kilt und zere’s a chance ich vill be photographed getting out of a car.

V is for... VAXING. Hair removal und manscaping ist essential. Be careful if you do it yourself, though – yesterday ich tried to self-wax mein arschenhaller und glued meinself to ze bed. Even more important ist regular anal bleaching. In Austria, anal bleaching ist considered so important zat it’s paid for by ze state. In fact, you cannot run for office if you don’t have a vhite arschwitz. Zere are other benefits to getting ze bleaching – on my last session ze beautician, Klaus, found the long-lost head of a David Beckham action figure up zere.

W is for... WINEHOUSE, AMY. Ich bin sick of all ze haters – she is not too skinny, in fact, for ein junkie she ist actually zehr fat.

X is for... X-RAY PHOTOGRAPHS. Ich still look too fat!

Y is for... YOGURT. Peach flavour tastes best on ze vay back up.

Z is for... ZERO. Brüno’s dress size.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

And according to the weather bureau, it's going to rain this afternoon in Brisbane too (typical, after I cleaned my car for the first time in 8 months).

Cold, rainy weather requires warm, scrumptious food and after today discovering the Shesaid website, I think it's going to be soup for dinner - chicken minestrone in fact!

Normally my man requires some kind of dead animal in his meal (must be a guy thing) so making soups for dinner can be tricky - pumpkin soup is one of my favourite's but it's way too healthy for him so I only ever eat it out of a can for lunch at the office. But minestrone is more than just a soup, it's a meal in itself!

The best minestrone I've ever had was of course made by my Mum - I'd pass on the recipe but she swears it was off the packet of San Remo rissoni from the supermarket (and yes, I've looked and looked for it but it seems San Remo packets are now 'sans' minestrone recipe, they do have some great ideas online though).

In the absence of a nice warm bowl of soup, get out to Barkins this weekend (or online) and grab yourself a cute knit or beanie. My pick of their latest items is the red knit beret $19.95, pea coat for just $49.95 and the blotch blouse, a steal at $39.95. A number of other items are on sale on their website so get a bargain quick sticks.


Trenery - Country Road's new 40+ line

My, how tastes can change as you get older. And boy, do I have to eat my words after telling my Mum I'd never be seen dead in pointy shoes ("they look like witch shoes") and think all that Country Road clothing is so old lady.
While I may only have 3 or 4 pairs of pointy shoes in my cupboard, half of my clothing wardrobe is now made up of Country Road items. A long staple of many an Australian man and woman, the minds behind the CR label launched Trenery, their new venture into the 40 plus market in Sydney last week (photos courtesy of Brisbanetimes.com).
I realise I'm not the target demographic for this line and I eagerly await my Mum's thoughts on these photos, I have to admit I'm a little dissapointed with the first season. I doubt anyone could differentiate between these and Country Road items and surely if they're pushing the line towards the mature aged man and woman, wouldn't you use mature aged models? (even the Brisbanetimes.com writer agrees).
I only hope they get Trenery out in stores by June 27th so I can check it out at Pacific Fair when I meet my Mum for our quarterly "meet in the middle" shopping trip.
Yours truly

Friday, June 12, 2009

Inspire me/inspire you

I'm having blog withdrawals so had to post some more. Thanks to Chictopia, I've worked out what to wear to coffee tomorrow with a girlfriend. Hope these inspire your weekend outfits too.

Yours truly

Friday photos

Due to a bout of the flu (thankfully not of the swine variety) I haven't had a chance to check much out this week, unless you count the couch and the first 3 seasons of Entourage on DVD (thanks JH).

I have however managed to grab a few photos for today (click the image for a larger view). I've long been a fan Fergie but hadn't warmed to her new hair colour much until now. When not wearing long green, pointy nails and Princess Leia-esk head pieces, she really works a killer mini with those legs (I'm still miffed about her marrying Josh Duhamel though).

Now out on her own and heading down what seems to be a Nicole Richie path (leave a show, write a novel etc), Lauren Conrad released her book LA Candy this week and looked fab whilst doing so. I think leaving The Hills has done wonders already (sans plaits and that dress is stunning!).

In case you didn't already have any, 3 great reasons to go see Transformers when it's out on June 24th:
1. Josh Duhamel - for the gals
2. Megan Fox - for the guys and seen here at another premier function
3. Some of the most amazing digital effects I've ever seen - the robots are so real I actually walked out of the first installment thinking I needed my own Bumblebee

Kate "close to the most photographed woman in the world" Moss was also out and about this week for the first time since the Costume Gala and looking cute in a graphic printed dress and flats. How unfortunate that everything she wears isn't Topshop as no doubt this little ensemble is worth more than my annual salary.

And last but by no means least, a back-to-blonde Sarah Michelle Gellar was looking cute as a button covering her baby bump when shopping for new sunglasses. The boots/tights/skirt combo is great for the weather we're experiencing here in Brisbane at the moment. The only problem is now I want to go spending tomorrow's pay day on a pair of boots like hers (be good, be good, be good).

With any luck, I'll finish Madison and Grazia this evening and report back over the weekend. Hot chocolates and doona's all round Brisbanites.

Yours truly

NB. Thanks to Popsugar.com for the photos this week.... sickness = lazyness.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday photos: Step back in time

Did anyone else wake up this morning and see white outside their window?

No, it wasn't snowing (should that ever happen in Brisbane I think we can safely say it would be the end of the world) but the fog was so thick at my house, we couldn't see the neighbours place across the road. Like any good Brisbanite, I knew that heavy fog in the morning generally means a fine day ahead so I dressed appropriately (red Counrty Road tunic, black leggings and patent heels - just warm enough if it cools down later in the day) but I am in a dilema about what to wear over the weekend.

With the temperature dropping to almost 10 degress in the evenings now, I find it hard to just throw on a dress to go out as within minutes my legs and arms are covered in goose-bumps and I'm shivering like a duck on an ice covered pond. And so I spend some of my evenings searching the web for outfit inspiration but when everyone on the other side of the world is in Summer, it proves difficult to find celeb's wearing anything more than a singlet and shorts.

And so in steps the wonderful world of Fabsugar's Celebstyle. Instead of starting from the first page, I simply clicked all the back to page 127 and worked down to find an array of stars in gear from every season. Thanks to Celebstyle for these great outfits that will hopefully help you find something to wear this weekend.

From left to right: Jennifer Connelly, Heidi Klum, Jess Alba, Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie.

And.... if you're in the mood for some shopping over the long weekend, get yourself down to Forever New. With a great range of dresses, jackets, tops and accessories all well under $300, they're a great staple for casual, dressed up and everyday pieces. A few of my favourites off their website are the gold brocade skirt, cropped black pants and purple tunic.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Yours truly

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your feet will thank you.....

After posting about the interesting U*tique beauty product vending machines yesterday, it was a total coincidence that I today got an email about Rollasoles.

While the idea of having a communal straightening iron in nightclub bathrooms makes me sick to my stomach (think of all the grease in your hair from a million other women's tresses) Rollasoles are one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time.

For anyone who's spent a day at the races, a night out dancing or just can't bare to walk from one more club to another, you'll know the pain of high heels (and the frustration that wearing flats out is a big no-no).

Rollasoles are basic ballet flats that roll up small enough to fit into your handbag. What's more, the brilliant minds behind Rollasoles are now providing London nightclubs with Rollasole vending machines. The shoes come in 3 sizes and are available in black, gold, silver and pink and have subsequently sold out in every venue they've been introduced to.
For only £5 (approx AUS$10) it's no surprise these things have been flying out the security guarded door. Now if only I lived close enough to the nightclubs to be able to walk home, I've save myself a good $30 and could drink more.
Yours truly

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shopping with a machine?

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was something out of a futuristic movie but it's actually the brainy creation of Fred Segal - dispensing maching shopping.
For those with lives so busy they can't even shop online, there is the U*tique, a dispensing machine holding an array of luxury beauty items handpicked and tested by the creators available to you with a quick swipe of your credit card (you can even read about the product before purchasing on the digital screen).

While I thought having a bag carrier was a bit over the top (Paris Hilton may have one but it's only because her arms are so scrawny she can't hold more than her own purse) but this is taking shopping to the next level. To hell with sales assistants, online shopping and stylists. When you can get your face cream from a machine on the street corner, who needs shopping centres?

I may be stuck in the early 90's but the thrill of opening up a bundle of beautiful items wrapped in tissue and placed delicately into a colourful bag (that doubles as a lunchbox for work) is just too much fun.

And lets face it - if the lunch bag your carrying around says "Louis" or "Chanel" on the side, you may not have actually shopped there but everyone's going to think you did (even though it's got your cheese sandwich in it).

Yours truly

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something for the boys....

It's not often my man and I shop together (unless you count his recent fascination with yd and the 3 trips we've made to their DFO store in the past 2 months) so when I see things online that look like him, I make a note to check them out instore next time I'm doing the rounds. Unfortunately dragging him along to actually try on anything is like pulling teeth so I've worked out the best thing to do is just buy things for him and keep the receipt. Why? Because our conversations usually go something like this....

Me: So I saw this great shirt/jumper/jacket when I was at Chermside the other day

Him: So?

Me: Well I just thought it would look nice with your new shoes/jeans you bought the other day

Him: But I dont need another shirt/jumper/jacket

Me: There's no such as thing as too many shirts/jumpers/jackets

Him: Yes there is - there's no space left in the wardrobe - although that's partially because you're taking up so much space

Me: Well maybe we could just move some clothes into one of the spare rooms?

Him: Go for it

Me: Maybe I'll do it this weekend [insert large sigh to show the effort it would take for me to actually do this even though it would take 5 minutes]

Him: Uh huh - could we talk about this later? The sports report is on

Me: So do you want to go check out the shirt/jumper/jacket I saw?

Him: What? Oh, right, not really. You know me, if you buy it, I'll wear it

Me: Ok, well I'll maybe go have a look and if they have your size, you can just pay me back

Him: Uh huh - could we talk about this later? The sports report is on

Enter Just Jeans. After seeing their hot black crushed leather jacket (for us ladies) for a cheap and chic $199, I thought it might be worth a look in the mens section to see what they've got for winter (that I can buy for him and he can pay me back)....

From top to bottom:
Mens Manhattan check shirt $59.95 (perfect for the "flannelette" party we have in a few weeks)
Mens block stripe hooded knit $69.95
Mens reversible scarf $24.95
Ladies crushed leather biker jacket $199

Yours truly

Monday, June 1, 2009

The size debate

Thanks to a link from Girl With A Satchel and an article on Frockwriter, I came across a great size debate article on choice.com.au today that's really worth a read (check out the full article here).

You'd be hard pressed to find a girl who hasn't at some stage in her life come across a size problem between stores or labels and Kate Browne proves it once again testing out a staple black skirt at Portmans, Country Road, Sussan, Target and Alannah Hill.

While the first size 6 dress I ever purchased at Country Road made me feel fantastic, it only lasted a few weeks. When the sales assistant asked me what size bra I was when looking for underwear to go with the dress, all I could do was point to my chest and say "this size!".

According to Choice, the government last year allocated $5 million to set a national sizing standard in the budget but it seems that funding hasn't been used as it was intended. We have a sizing standard for children, why not for adults? I wouldn't mind measuring myself and passing on my details when the next sensis forms come around (it's not like your work colleagues are going to know you've got a 42 inch bust are they?).

I agree with Jo Kellock in Choice's video - hopefully we can learn from the sizing standards set in the UK and come up with relevant, appropriate standards for Australia in the near future. When there's a major problem with obesity and eating disorders in our country, surely we should be finding ways to make a dress, skirt or pants be the RIGHT size, not the size 6 that makes us think we've lost a few kilos.

Yours truly

Weekend wind-up

In fear of sounding like a broken record and mentioning the continuing global financial crisis, I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to shop at old favourites like Target when they bring out affordable fashion thanks to their Limited Edition line. Built for the modern girls budget but suitable for even some of the most fashionable of events, the latest items in the range are sure to be a hit for winter (now that it’s officially here).

Known more now for their affordable high end fashion collaborations with designers such as Tina Kalivas and Stella McCartney, Target are breathing life into the middle of the range market with streamlined cigarette pants, sheer blouses and cute jacquard dresses, all right on the mark when it comes to colour, style and price.

My personal favourite is the pleat jacquard skirt – just flirty enough to hide those slightly wider hips after a little less dog walking since the colder weather has hit (I’m speaking about me, not you readers) but still sexy enough to wear to after work drinks on a Friday - and not too short for the office.

Along with a love for the aforementioned line, I’ve this weekend discovered a girl crush on The City star Olivia Palermo. As a spin-off of MTV’s The Hills, Whitney Port’s adventures in New York have fashioned yet another pin-up girl worthy of her own style.com photo gallery and “girl of the month” from January on WhoWhatWear.com. She rarely puts a heeled foot wrong and while most of her wardrobe likely consists of brands we’ll never be able to afford, she’s got a keen eye for a great outfit that even the smallest budget could re-create (I can’t help but drool over her boyfriend either).

With a girls dinner on the cards this June long weekend, I think I’m going to steal some of Olivia’s style when putting together my get up for the night (now if only my local Target had that pleat jacquard skirt.......).

Have a great week!

Yours truly

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