Wednesday, December 22, 2010

design+style on hiatus

Hi everyone
After a few lovely years of posting on the design+style blog, I've taken a small hiatus due to other commitments.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, enquiries and support and hopefully one day design+style shall return!

Until next time, all the best to you and yours,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steal her style

If like me you're enjoying this amazing weather in Brisbane at the moment, you'll have also started to think about how to dress for the change of season (ie. wearing a dress but need something to keep you warm when your in the shade).

Check out a few cheap ways to get these great celebrity looks, all from local Brisbane chain stores - one under $300 and the other, just over $100.... bargain!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Ultimate Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Dear Miss Palermo,

I'd like to firstly give you props for being one of the most amazingly sophisticated and beautiful young things in America (or, dare I say, the WORLD). Your style is to die for and you never seem to put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes. It's also nice to see a celebrity who doesn't think their outfit should revolve around them showing off a mass of skin or make them look like a Vegas show girl (Paris, I'm looking at you here).

I'm so incredibly taken with your clothing choices and ability to put together timeless, elegant outfits that I've decided that you are going to be one of my Ultimate Style Icons. You should know, this is quite an accolade as I don't hand out the term lightly. You're currently running a close third to the one and only Audrey Hepburn and my very own Mum (see, up there with the best....).

I hope that since I've decided to give you this accolade, you won't mind if I steal your style just a smidgen. You see, I spend a lot of time (on weekends of course) looking at blogs, celebrities, magazines and websites and have come to the realisation that you far surpass so many ladies out there in the A-List world at the moment that I think it's worth looking to you for inspiration.

I only hope to do you some justice when heading to the Gold Coast in the coming weeks for a Girls Weekend by using your style as a base for my outfit. Thanks to some of your wonderful fashion risks, I've warmed to the fact that sequins are not just for ballroom dancers or costume parties. Therein lies the reason for my purchase of the below skirt by Australian label, Pink Stitch (available through Shop Til You Drop although I managed to pick mine up from Nami in Byron Bay, on sale for just $30).

Thanks to a quote I've lived by for a while now about "showing the top OR the bottom, never both" (ie. show off your clevage or your legs, not the two together) I'll be wearing it with back stockings, a black singlet and chunky necklace (another of your favourites I see).

Add a cute black clutch (something basic so as to not detract from the focal point of the outfit, the skirt) and some killer heels (and yes, I now see that stockings and open toe shoes are wearable) and I think I'm getting as close to the mark as one can get when they are on a limited budget, don't have access to some of the world's most amazing fashion houses and don't work on a TV show (oh, and Brisbane isn't exactly the "New York" of Australia so that doesn't help much either come to think of it).

And so to the Gold Coast I will go - with you in mind, I do hope I can carry off my outfit with as much style, grace and poise as you do and will forever live in the hope that one day, I might just get photographed for the social pages and can for a split second, pretend Olivia Palermo.

Yours in fashion,

NB. All photos are thanks to the latest blog I'm in love with Olivia Palermo's Style.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a wardrobe clean out, everything must go!

Yes, more items are up on eBay for sale & auction. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world. I'd love to get some more wardrobe space for pretty new things (not that I have any, just for the future when I can actually afford them again).

If you wish to purchase items through the blog, I'll waive the postage fees (I'll still accept PayPal or Bank transfer payments but you don't have to go through eBay if you don't want to).

Check out the items (sorry, no pics on this post but click the links to see them)

Black & white long striped cardigan $40 (Buy it now)
Click here

Zebra print black & grey short cardigan $30 (Buy it now)
Click here

Beaded charcoal short sleeve tee $25 (But it now)
Click here

Email me with any questions.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Are you on the Maxi Skirt bandwagon yet?

I think I am. Not in the sense that I've bought one but definately that I want one.

I've been through this phase before about 5-6 years ago but when I was wearing them then, they were the tiered style, that sat just around ankle height and I only owned one black one and 2 hippie style printed ones (one of which I still have and wear around the house in summer).

What clearly seems to be the style coming out now though is more of a jersey/cotton fabric in plain colours, mostly blacks and greys. My Mum recently bought one but hadn't quite worked out what to wear it with so I thought I might help her out with a few options.

My first choice has to be the basi white tee or singlet, as seen on Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie (don't be put off by the fact that Nicole is pregnant in these pics - maxi skirts work on you weather you're pregnant or not!).
I really love a monochrome outfit and with a few pieces of the right jewellery and a little pair of sandals, this sort of outfit really can make the transition from the cooler months into Summer an easy one.

One other look I have seen a lot on a few fashion blogs lately is the black maxi skirt with stripes on top. It's such a cute look, especially when teamed with a cute little hat and some shoulder embellishments like this gorgeous gal from Chictopia.

So where to you get them from? Well, keep your eyes peeled in all the usual outlets in Australia (Witchery, Sussan, Sportsgirl etc) as they are likely to start popping up everywhere once it starts getting warmer.
In the mean time though, there are a few online shopping sites selling all manner of the maxi skirt.
Asos - the Seam Detail one in particular is my favourite

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can I steal your wardrobe please?

Candy from Come Over To The Darkside

Have been seeing a lot of celebrities wearing the skinny cargo pant lately, definately a hot new tend (although be careful - I've also seen a lot of celebrities not wearing it well!)

Lena from Quality Rivets


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Leather... or Pleather?

Let's face it, it's not like the faux fur debate now is it? While I'm sure there are a number of people who are against the wearing of real leather based on it's origins, you don't see people being smeared with red paint just for wearing a leather jacket down the street (thank god). I've personally however have been debating the actual purchase of either a leather or "pleather" jacket this Winter.
When the trend came back into play last year, I saw them everywhere but alas, never found one that I thought was worthy of all that hard earned cash. In the past few weeks though I've seriously been considering spending a few bucks on a good quality 'leather look' jacket (and yes, I realise saying good quality and leather look in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron).
While still wanting to dress well and wear a little something new out on a weekend when you have little to no money, I figure going for a pleather jacket might be the best option. Plus, on the off chance that for some reason I decide after a few years it's totally not the right look or style for me, I won't feel so bad for forking out hundreds of dollars for one!

Above: photo courtesy of Chictopia

Above: Jessica Alba (photo courtesy of Popsugar)

Above: Nicole Richie (photo courtesy of Nicole Richie Fashion)
Above: Lauren Conrad (photo courtesy of Google Images)

And so it's to a few Aussie websites I treked recently to see what is out there in the faux leather department. I have to tell you - you'll be surprised.
After taking a look at a number of these in store, not only do they meet the budget friendly shopping I've been having to do lately but they so easily pass for the real thing, even a cow would do a double take. Check out a few real and fake ones I've got my eye on....

Above: Valleygirl Faux Leather $59.95

Above: Just Jeans Leather $199

Above: Valleygirl Faux Leather $39.95


Monday, July 5, 2010

Wardrobe clean out sale

Hi everyone

It's certainly been a while so I apologise for the lack of posts. I started a new job just over 4 weeks ago and just simply haven't had the time to write anything (I get the odd few minutes here and there to trawl the internet though so I do have a few things I'd like to load up soon, I just need the time!).

I wanted to let you all know that I'm having a little bit of a wardrobe clean out and have got some items on eBay for sale. If you have anyone who you think would be interested in these items, please pass this on!

Here is what I'm selling:

1. Sportsgirl Shrapnel Tee $25
RRP $39.95
Brand new goregeous charcoal t-shirt with holes (yes, I realise buying something with holes is odd...). Looks great with a white t-shirt underneath and jeans or jazz it up with harem pants and a khaki parka. Please note, the colours you see underneath in all images are not part of the shirt.

2. Sportsgirl Festival Cargo Pants $25
Size 8 - Worn ONCE
RRP $79.95
Great, lightweight grey pants, can be worn with the hems rolled up for the "cargo pant" look or leave them down for more of a harem pant style (ankles are elasticated). Beautiful, soft material, easy to wear in both Summer and Winter and can easily be dressed up or down.
3. Sportsgirl Black & White Stripe dress/tunic $30
Size Small - Worn twice
RRP $49.95
Cute striped stretch tunic/dress/top - looks great with leggings, stockings or even over jeans. 3/4 sleeve and round neckline, a good dress to layer under a jacket and scarf for Winter.
4. Sportsgirl "The Flash" dark denim leggings $30
Size 8 - Never Worn, Still with Tags
These sold out in stores within days. Great stretch dark denim leggings (or jeggings!) with gold zips at the ankles and elastic waist. No pockets on back or front, will fit a standard size 6 or 8.

I can post to anywhere in Australia for $5 or Express Post for $7.
If you wish to purchase something through this blog, rather than eBay, POSTAGE IS FREE! Just email me:


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SATC2 Premier

Not that anyone would have expected anything else but what great dresses on all the SATC2 girls at the world premier of the new movie. Sigh..... just divine!


Monday, May 24, 2010

More Malene Birger

Some of you might remember me posting about the label By Malene Birger a little while ago so you won't be surprised that I'm talking about her again.

While I know we are going into Winter in Australia and this collection looks much more suited to Summer, I just adore everything she does so much I couldn't not post these pics.

There is something so right about how she works shapes and colours together - this is exactly how I love to dress! If I could only have one label in my wardrobe, I think it would be Malene (followed closely by Witchery which now that I think about it, is quite the chain store copy of Malene Birger don't you think?).

Click on the images to view them larger.

You might be thinking sequinned harem pants are a little crazy (third image from the left, above) but if they're in the new Sex & The City 2 movie (Samantha wears them in one scene), then they must be HOT!
(NB. I don't think I'll be seen in sequinned harem pants but that's mostly because I live in Brisbane and am simply not fashionable enough to get away with it - Samantha can).

A little love for Chictopia

So I've been spending lots of time in Chictopia lately as I'm really starting to find it handy for that age old dilema of "I can't afford anything new and need to put together an outfit for the weekend".....

While flicking through magazines for the millionth time usually provides me with some inspiration, Chictopia is turning out to be far superior. The best part being that you can actually do a search on a particular item or colour.

For example, this weekend just passed I wanted to wear a blazer and green pants (see previous post to check out the pants) but was tossing up what top to wear with it. So I simply did a search for both items and scoured the site til I had a few ideas.

While tooling around on this search, I came across a few fantastic outfits that I just had to share. Enjoy!

I came across a cute as a button striped blazer in Target the other day and couldn't quite work out how you would wear it - then I saw this girl. Love it!

I love how this gal has managed to look so chic but still casual - this is exactly how I wish I could dress everyday but it never seems to work out as well as this!

A-dor-able. I just love this type of look - so classic and perfect for any occasion. I have every intention of stealing this whole outfit for an event soon!


Monday, May 17, 2010

What to wear: What I'm wearing today

Happy Monday morning to you all!

Since it's my weekend today and tomorrow, I'm finally going to visit my Mum for a belated birthday and Mothers Day dinner. Since it's quite chilly today and I always make sure I wear something stylish when I visit my folks (being they are such a stylish couple themselves!) I put together a snazzy little outfit based on these great army green pants that are currently on sale at Sportsgirl.

I'm off to do the food shopping first this morning so I actually left the blazer at home and just threw on a little grey cardi to keep it a bit more casual (the people at Coles Nundah would probably look at me funny if I walked in wearing the below outfit).

I'm very much looking forward to seeing my parents and always love going to Byron even if the weather isn't the best - in fact, sometimes overcast days are even better cause it gives you an excuse to stay inside, rug up, cook a warm meal and have a few vinos..... if only they had a fireplace at their house we'd be set!

In the picture:
Blazer $49.95 Valleygirl
Singlet $39.95 Witchery
Pants $48.95 Sportsgirl (on sale)
Scarf $19.95 Sportsgirl
Earrings $165 and Bracelet $370 both Tiffany & Co
Shoes $175 Sambag
Handbag $269.95 Witchery

NB. These aren't actually the shoes I'm wearing today (I have a pair of MUCH cheaper silver ballet flats!) - they are just the ones I've got my eye on at the moment. I tried on a pair of Sambag flats recently and am SO in love with them. They are easily the most comfortable flats I've tried on in years - I guess that's why they are $175!

Have a great week everyone, till next time...


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