Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday photos - Chictopia

Since I posted about the celebs yesterday, today's pics guessed it..... Chictopia. Enjoy!

I quite like cropped pants, especially with a detailed shoe. You can't see the detail in this chic's vest but it was ultra cute.

Love the pants - similar to ones I just bought. Navy is actually an easy colour to work with.

The stunning Karen from Where Did You Get That in a thrifted Pucci dress - I'm in love (and very jealous!).

Did I mention a few posts back that I am in love with stripes? Well now I'm in love with stripes & yellow together. Proof it works.

I saw this top in Sportsgirl recently and fell in love with it. Now I see it on, I'm even more in love with it.

Another spring/summer trend that's already popping up in stores in acid yellow. Both Country Road and Witchery have a few items in this gorgeous colour already but if you're after an accessory that's a little less eye popping, Barkins have got cute textured scarves to brighten up a basic outfit.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday photos - because there's too many for just Friday

I had to throw up a few photos today so tomorrow's photo post wasn't too big. With all the movie premiers and events happening around the world, the celebs are out in force and all looking better than ever.

I normally think Sienna Miller's looks can be a little too left of centre but the outfit she wore to a recent promotional stint here in Oz for the new GI Joe movie caught my eye. Why? Well I bought a similar pair of navy silk pants recently and when I asked my Mum what I should wear with them - she said a structured white shirt. Was Sienna listening in on that conversation? Must have been.... that or my Mum just has impeccable taste.
Also out to promote her new movie was the newly brunette Katherine Heigl. The big necklace is huge at the moment and I'm in love with the beige toned one she's matched back with that stunning dress.
My favourite pics from the last few weeks though has to be the gorgeous girls who attended first year celebrations for Phillip Lim's 3.1 store in LA. I'm a huge fan of his clothes and every gal there was dressed impeccably including Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Jewel and singer Eve.

If you're starting to tire of winter like I am then these shots will get you thinking summer quick smart. I normally wouldn't post about Paris Hilton and her terrible outfits but I had to include this pic just for Nicky's shoes. DEVINE. The stunning Eva Mendes looks great in a cute printed summer frock and The Hills girls Audrina and Stephanie were both showing off a bit of bronzed leg while out filming their hit TV show late last week.

More photos to come over the weekend and a few Test Drive's will be up soon!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday photos - Spring/Summer fashion series

This week's photos are the start of a new series - what we'll be wearing for Spring/Summer 2009-2010. If you don't watch the overseas fashions like a hawk and need to know what's going to be in for the warmer months, watch out for my posts on all the colours and trends that are heading our way.

Not a lot of fads stand the test of time but one trend that never seems to go out of style is the classic nautical stripe.

Born of sailors and boaties alike, traditional navy & white stripe fabric has always been a favourite of many a model, magazine and celebrity. Gracing the covers of Vogue in almost every country at one time or another not to mention both my Grandma and Mum's backs, there's something about blue & white stripes that makes me think of long piers, big yachts and fine wine.

A number of celebs have come full circle on this trend too - Olivia Palermo does it right in a navy skirt, oversize necklace and beige trench (this is one outfit I'm loving - I've got everything to put it together already in my wardrobe). Kelly Ripa does her stripes dressed up in a cute dress and tan heels while Jessica Alba pairs her's down with another "it" item of the moment, the ripped jean.

Want to get your hands on this look? You don't have to go far. For something a little left of centre, check out online store Madix for their Smoke & Mirrors tee $49.95. Witchery have long been fans of the look too - get their Stripe Rib Tank for just $39.95.

Cotton On have also got cute stripes in a number of styles and colours and if you really want to go the whole hog, get yourself some white pants and deck shoes and spring boating here we come.

Ships ahoy.


Edit: If only there wasn't a Witchery store 5 minutes away from my work... *sigh*..... after writing this post earlier this morning, I had stripes on my mind so ducked down to the James Street store to find a sale rack had a cute navy & white thick striped double layered singlet in my size. It must be my lucky day, it was on sale for $23.95, what a bargain!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogs worth checking out: Fashion under $100

If you're reading this and living/visiting America, you're in luck. Dana's website is a virtual wardrobe of stars outfits without the Paris Hilton price tag. In between selected shots of everyone from Kate Beckinsale to Anne Hathaway's stylist looks are outfits put together for readers who've requested Dana's help for special occasions.
While I may not be a big online buyer due to a fear of having to re-sell everything on ebay (and exchange rates if they're overseas sites) I do love to sticky beak at what the celebs are wearing and Fashion Under $100 is a great site to add to your favourites. With a handy select by celebrity menu and full links to where each items have been chosen from, it's like an address book without a paper and pen.
While some of the photoshopping and image cropping makes me cringe, I understand why after posting so many outfits you'd start not to worry about cutting every little bit of an image out. I still wonder where all these bloggers get the time to post every 5 minutes of the day - if only I was a stay at home Mum or work from home blogger!
So whether you're a game online buyer or just after some inspiration for a Saturday night outfit, Fashion Under $100 is well worth a look.


50 Years of Vogue

All that glitters is gold (apparently) and to conicide with the biggest issue of the year Vogue Australia this September celebrates 50 wonderful years in the fashion biz.

I hate to start a paragraph with "ever since I was a little girl" for fear of sounding like a cheesy midday movie but ever since I was a little girl I've been immersed in Vogue magazines from every corner of the globe. I wasn't around when my Grandma was a hairdresser in Sydney's CBD all those years ago but I am pretty certain a staple on the side table at her salon would most certainly have been Vogue.

My man only recently commented on how he can't understand why one would want to keep a magazine after reading it and frequently gives me stick for flipping through the glossy pages for the umpteenth time but I have my reasons (and no, it's not because I think one day they will be worth something - they're like those Tazo things, great to look at but will never be worth more than what you paid for them).

Many a day as a young girl I would spend with my Mum (or own my own when I was old enough to use scissors unsupervised) going through Vogue magazines from her mile long collection, cutting out all manner of items for school projects, artworks and even the odd birthday card. And it's thanks to my Mum hoarding all those copies years ago that I've started to keep my own. One day I know they will come in handy when my own kids might require a few words or images to add to their art assignment. Then again, if the technology in schools keeps moving forward as it is now, there's always the local doctors surgery who will no doubt need some copies for their reception areas.

Hopefully in this years September issue we'll get a look back at some of the wonderful fads and fashions that have come across Vogue's pages in it's last 50 years and maybe even catch a glimpse at what the future holds for the company (with the recent decline in magazine sales, it will be interesting to see how the industry deals with the drop). But what I hope for most is a few pages of the Vogue magazine covers of old. Currently up on the website is what I thought would be said list but alas, it only dates back to December 2003 (I can actually remember back that far).

Here's hoping at least people will continue to put up their own images on the internet so children in the next century will be able to google "old Vogue covers" and see what magazines were really like back in the day.


Monday, July 13, 2009

New to design+style: blogs worth checking out

In all my random reading on the web and in magazines, I'm constantly coming across new and interesting blogs & websites that are worth adding to my favourites. But I realised today that my favourites list isn't much good to the outside world when I'm the only one that can see it so I've come up with a new addition to design+style.

Reap the rewards of my (obsessive) searching without the hassle of spending hours on google.... let me introduce to you blogs worth reading.

If legs like Elle McPherson's scare you half to death, stop reading now. This stunning lady is, for lack of a better word, a GLAMAZON. A good eye for detail and a penchant for thrift stores and seconds bins, you'd be forgiven for thinking she's Victoria Secret worthy. While she does live in America, a number of her clothes are available at online stores but I just love her site for the eye candy. We might all feel like a right goose standing in the middle of a park posing like a model while someone takes a few happy snaps of us but like they say, if you've got it, flaunt it.


Weekend wind-up

1. V8 Supercars
I almost feel like leaving this one out - while I'm glad that Jamie Whincup and Team Vodafone didn't win the second race at the Townsville 400, I'm still peeved that it was another Ford that pipped him at the post. Congratulations to James Courtney for his first win but come on Holden, this just isn't right.... Bring on SuperGP on the Goldie, October 22-25!

2. Triple J's Hottest 100 Of All Time
It wasn't my number 1 but it's certainly the song of a generation. Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit got top spot on the Hottest 100 Of All Time yesterday afternoon with Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name popping in at number 2. If you were anywhere near my house around 5pm yesterday, you would have heard us singing our heads off to all the fantastic songs making up the top 20 with my favourite artist of all time Jeff Buckley scoring 4 songs in the list (Hallelujah at number 3, Last Goodbye at number 7, Lover You Should Have Come Over at 56 and Grace at 69). Well done to the Triple J team for making a Sunday afternoon a walk down memory lane - I normally don't enjoy doing the ironing but being able to listen to some of the worlds best songs made it a little more bearable.

3. Mark Webber's first F1 win A weekend full of sport and music - what more could you want? Along with the V8 Supercars in Townsville, Formula One headed to Germnay and the famous Nerbergring where Mark Webber scored his first pole and subsequent win from 130 starts. Growing up with a Dad who loved watching the F1 and MotoGP on a Sunday while my Mum was off working at her market stall gave me a huge appreciation and love for motorsport and seeing an Aussie win his first race (even after having to serve drive through) was a highlight of the weekend. I may not have ACTUALLY seen him cross the finish line (my eye lids got the better of me) but that's what morning news is for right?

4. Is it spring yet?
No, but it's so close I can feel it.... Not a cloud in the sky yesterday and another gorgeous week ahead, I can't help but drool over pictures of pastel shorts, lightweight shifts and metallic thongs to wish winter away. I wouldn't normally give credit to The Hills Heidi & Stephanie but the two of them have managed to look summery and sweet in their shades of green - no doubt a big colour for the up-coming warmer months.


Friday, July 10, 2009

New season Barkins

Spring has sprung at Barkins with their new arrivals both online and in store. Some great new cuts and beautiful colours grace their full range of basics, dresses, shoes and more, all worth a good look. Here's just a small selection of some of my picks.... all under $80!

Items from top to bottom are:
Medallion sandals(available in white, red & black): $19.95
Loa heels (available in black, red & cream): $49.95
Modal printed tank: $24.95
Lace shift dress: $79.95
Criss cross top: $29.95
Animal print dress: $49.95

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friday photos - casual chic

FINALLY......a weekend of nothing. And in honour of said weekend, today's photos are all casual, comfortable, warm and welcoming. Just right for a lazy 2 days off watching TV and doing a bit of shopping.

A big shout out also has to go to the lovely folk at As Seen In - not only is it a great website for showing you where to get all the hot items you see in magazines but I recently won a Miijo Gift Voucher worth $100 just for telling them who my favourite celebrity with style was - bring on some House of Harlow jewellery! Thanks to both websites for the wonderful gift (to enter As Seen In's comps, simply register for their newsletters).
And just for good measure, a few pics from Chictopia as always.

Enjoy your weekend!

Kids galore

With one friend currently expecting, 2 friends recent additions and my brother and his wife hopeful of an announcement in the coming weeks, it's proving next to impossible to not get sucked into the world of kids & babies (see recent post on Counrty Road children's wear - to die for!).

So today's post is dedicated to all things kids, with a few things for us adults thrown in as well. Firstly, if you haven't come across the wonderful website My Messy Room, get on it now! A friend of a friend runs this gorgeous little store in Summer Hill, Sydney but also has a great online shop to boot. I fell in love with a tonne of items in the online store, especially the little girls dresses (if only they came in adult sizes!). You'll find all manner of clothing, toys, homewares and more both in the store and online and if you're after a great read on all things kids, check out the blog.

Another website worth checking out is the fantastic Hotslings for baby slings and nursing covers. I came across these cute designs when reading the Pacing the Panic Room blog - a great account of one families lives from week 1 of their second pregnancy right through to the birth. I love that the baby slings come in reversible material, print on one side, plain colour on the other. Great for the fashionable Mum who wants to coordinate her babies accessories with her outfit. The nursing covers are also a wonderful idea, easy to carry around in your handbag and a great way to cover up if you're out in public and the little one needs a feed (and again, all in lovely printed fabric).

Thanks also has to go to Popsugar this morning for these photos of the stunning Halle Berry and her little family of 3. Not only am I coveting her watermelon summer dress and hat but I'd be willing to take the bub, husband and dog while I'm at it! Such an adorable family having a great time on the beach. If this doesn't make you want summer to hurry up, I don't know what will.

Something that took me back to my own childhood this week was the latest edition of Grazia and their double page spread of paper dolls. I still remember my Mum making me a cardboard doll at the age of 5 and spending hours putting little paper clothes on her. Who needs Barbie when you've got a cardboard cut out? What's even cuter about Grazia's edition is the famous gals you can style (although the choice of clothes is limited, I still want to hack up the pages and pin the designs to my wall!).


Friday, July 3, 2009

How to hollow a book in 80 easy steps

Ok, so I don't really condone runing books but I just love this little website. There are a million things I can think of to keep concealed in a bookcase all the while everyone thinks your just an avid reader. Little do they know.......


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday photos

This weeks photos are a little different as I couldn't help but pick a few hits and misses from the millions of images sprawled across the websites I look at each day.

And who better to start with than Ms Lohan herself. Recently celebrating her birthday at a pool within the MGM (as you do), she managed to look over tanned, unkempt and generally lacklustre. At least she's not stick thin for a change I suppose. The sooner midrif tops go back out style the better I say.

Doing her upmost to make sure no one actually realised there was any golf going on, Jessica Simpson decided on an interesting choice of dress for a Pro-Am tournament with boyfriend Tony recently. Didn't anyone ever tell her horizontal stripes make you look wider?

And who could forget lil 'ol Mischa - looking a little like the aforementioned Miss Lohan don't you think? While I know I'm not one for looking like a supermodel when leaving (or even entering) a club, Barton looks considerably bad exiting a nightclub in London this week. Surely if you knew you were going to get photographed when you walked out the door, you'd check yourself in the mirror first!

Coming up trumps this week though are the lovely Kate Moss and reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Coveting Moss' cute grey blazer, this is one outfit that's worth copying (if you can pull off white jeans of course). The mix of muted tones really brings her look together and I'm loving loose singlets at the moment (great for covering up winter muffin tops).

I also had to include this great close up shot of Kim and her smoky eyes, out celebrating her sisters birthday. If you're heading out this weekend, get yourself some black eye shadow and nude lipstick. This one's going up on the bathroom mirror for Saturday night!

And just for good measure, a few cute shots from my favourite website, Chictopia.

This one is inspired by my brother (weird I know, let me explain!). When he visited NY a few years back I asked for an I Heart NY t-shirt but alas, I didn't receive. So when his best friend travelled over there earlier this year, he got me one via proxy. And I love it! I don't know that I can pull it off with short shorts but black jeans most certainly.

Enjoy your weekends.


PS. A special shout out to my gorgeous boyfriend and his lovely twin sister for their 27th birthday this Sunday!

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