Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Popular Penguins

I didn't think my trip to the Post Office to pay my $3.70 underpaid postage bill was going to be worth the petrol. I was wrong.

On walking out of the Post Shop I noticed a large stand of orange covered Penguin books with titles that I recognised (albeit mostly from movies). Pride & Prejudice, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Frankenstein etc. Then I noticed my favourite. The thinner of the bunch, Breakfast At Tiffany's by Truman Capote was pushed to the back of the stand. No matter the length of the book, they were all $9.95.
Not wanting to look like an idiot and go back to the Post Shop counter, I thought maybe I'll just head to the newsagent and stick with getting a magazine. But there was nothing there I liked. I've read everything I wanted this month minus Madison and I just couldn't bring myself to buy it with that cover (the photo of Sienna Miller is the least inviting photo I've seen on a magazine ever).
So I moved onto the gift store. What do you know, they had the same stand. But no Breakfast at Tiffany's. Wait - there is a Mary Ryan's just a few shops up. I've got $10 in my wallet and could do with something light to read at lunch. It must have been my day, I picked up the last copy they had. And I only spent $2 more than I would have on the magazine. And I didn't look like a weirdo going back to the Post Shop counter for a second time.

Who would have thought that this was the premise for Popular Penguins -
The Idea
He just wanted a decent book to read . . .

Not too much to ask, was it? It was in 1935 when Allen Lane stood on a British railway platform looking for something good to read on his journey. His choice was limited to popular magazines and poor quality paperbacks. Lane's disappointment and subsequent anger at the range of books available led him to found a company – and change the world.

'We believed in the existence of a vast reading public for intelligent books at a low price, and staked everything on it.'

Sir Allen Lane, 1902–1970, founder of Penguin Books
Reading habits have changed since 1935, but Penguin still believes in publishing the best books for everyone to enjoy, and that quality books published passionately and responsibly make the world a better place.

At such a small price, I'm planning on buying at least 2 new titles a month. And at $9.95 it's cheaper than the movies and much more educational. Plus I think a nice little stack of orange books could look great on my buffett.....


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogs worth checking out: Pacing the Panic Room

It may seem a little weird (especially to my man) that I am in love with a blog all about babies considering I don't actually have any of my own but I guarantee that after reading a few short posts and checking out some of the gorgeous photography on Pacing the Panic Room, you too will be hooked.

I originally came across the Maternity Series through another lovely blog, Design Mom. It was impossible not to get caught up in the week by week account of the writers partner Cole and the pending birth of their second child. I didn't always have time to read the full posts but the image of the stunning Cole and the description of where she was at with her pregnancy that week were enough. Even cuter was when their first born turned doctor and listened to the heartbeat of his soon to be new brother or sister.

The Maternity Series may have finished with the birth of their little baby girl Tessa but the main blog continues on. I thoroughly enjoy reading snippets on the changes their second child has made to their family life and looking at the beautiful photos of their little family.

Whether you're awaiting the birth of your first, already have a broad of 10, don't want children at all or are still deciding when is the right time, this blog is worth a read, if only for starting at the cute as a button children this lucky couple has.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday photos

Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl - is anyone else DYING to see the next season?

I'm not in love with her hat but I am in love with the rest of Nicole Richie's outfit. Especially those shoes - I'm looking for a similar pair but without the $1,000 price tag!

The Hills hasn't been the same without Lauren Conrad but at least her replacement has a decent wardrobe to drool over. Kristen looks lovely in her black, white & yellow.

They don't call her Posh for nothing. Flawless as always, Mrs Beckham heads off to another guest judge spot on American Idol. What I'd do for her wardrobe... (and maybe her husband)

What a pair! Cindy Crawford and her daughter out for a stroll both looking fantastic! I think I'm going to steal Cindy's outfit for Saturday night now that I have grey skinnys....
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing - Go Port Adelaide against the Brisbane Lions on Saturday night!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Close your eyes and tap your heels together

On my endless quest to find Oz - sorry, I mean shoes - that fit within my depleating budget and new grey skinny jeans, I've come across a number of sale items and cheap shoe stores worth a look see if you're after something under $150 for the weekend.

While wearing heels at the football is not the most practical of outfits, one should always look their best, especially on the off chance a hunky player may walk past after the game.... just don't tell my man I've got a crush on Jonathon Brown - I'll never hear the end of it being a Port Adelaide supporter.

If only Port Adelaide were still just black and white (thanks for stealing our guernsey's Collingwood). Red shoes just don't go with the teal in my team scarf.

Scooter "Longoria" $129.95
A great style that won't date - just make sure you spray on some weather protector before wearing - vodka and suede don't mix!

Mollini "Pepper" $70
A bargain buy and a great shape. Go all out with red toe nail polish to match!

Mollini "Grosgrain ribbon" $128
A classic, girly style with a solid heel and slightly raised sole to stop sore feet after a long night out.

Siren "Appro" $149.95

Not exactly red but they're just HOT. Plus nowhere near as expensive as the original Louis Vuitton design!

Siren "Cult" $139.95
Again, not red but I'm also on the look out for something a little flash to go with my navy blue cargo pants from Witchery and these are right on the money.

If you're really strapped for cash and still want something for the weekend, it's worth checking out Payless Shoes. Most people can't tell the difference between the $200 and the $50 patent black pumps plus you won't feel bad for spilling drinks all over the $50 pair.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grey skies are going to clear up

Put on a happy face (I have!).

I just can't seem to get enough of grey. Light grey, charcoal, marle, whatever your fancy, it's almost as good a staple as black. I recently bought a pair of grey skinny jeans (I can't quite believe how long it's taken me) and now I'm obsessed with looking for things to wear them with.

Thanks to a day off and a quick look in Just Jeans, I'm now the proud owner of a great pair of grey skinnies for only $50 - yes, that's right - $50! Not only were they cheap but they are a great cut and for once I don't have to have the hems taken up cause I'm such a short arse.

The only downside is now I want lots more black tops, red shoes and stripes to go with them (a la Christina Aguilera). I also think I've got another girl crush but this time on Lara Bingle. After seeing a hot pic of her in some grey skinnies and biker jacket (now I want one of these too) I think I'm in love with her style. If only I had the money to buy the labels she did (I wouldn't say no to Michael Clarke either actually).

Yes, the weather in Brisvegas is warmer than a freshly made coffee at the moment and grey is generally more of a winter colour but I don't care. There's something a little rock chick about grey skinnies - especially when you add the right accessories like a black horn pendant, white singlet, black long line cardi and black peep toes which I have on today.

Good thing Country Road has a great loose fitting black singlet for $59.95 available in their city store that I'm picking up tomorrow - that's Friday's outfit looked after.

Friday, August 14, 2009

When the cats away, the mice will.... shop

....and drink wine, watch Four Weddings & a Funeral, let the dog inside, blog....

Note to self: I think I've seen Four Weddings & a Funeral before. And it was just as cheesy the first time round. And I don't particularly like Hugh Grant.

A last minute decision by a work friend and I and instead of staying at home watching a DVD eating leftover macaroni cheese and we were out and about in town doing a quick spot of shopping on a fine, balmy Friday night in Brisbane. And after quick look at a few websites earlier in the afternoon, I managed to come across a cute maxi dress in of all places, Just Jeans.

Whilst it may have been brighter in the photos (since when do they photoshop the clothes, not just the models?) it was still worth a buy, my first maxi dress - at least that I know of. Best check with my Mum over the weekend.

I also dont look as sultry as the girl on the website but one can dream...

While being very pleased with my purchase (if my man is reading this: note I didn't say purchases plural?) I was also jealous of the purchase of my shopping partner Miss S - she picked up the hottest shoes in the entire store at Wittner. So hot in fact, I'm almost considering trying them on myself tomorrow!

All that shopping and 2 glasses of wine has made me tired though so til next time....


Friday photos

Hello readers.

You may have been wondering why design+style has been a little lacklustre these past few weeks - well, thankfuly I'm still alive. Just busy.

I've been scouring websites and magazines when I get a spare 5 minutes but just haven't had the time to write or post about the things I've found with work, college, family etc. However.... in my last 20 minutes before heading off to Byron Bay for a 4 day weekend with my parents and my dog, I thought I'd at least get a few photos out to entice you into doing a spot of shopping for spring - after all, when it's 28 degrees in Brisbane in winter, how could you NOT start thinking of all things short and sweet?

I hope to be back writing & posting more soon. In the mean time, enjoy!


I'm in LOVE with acid yellow at the moment. I just haven't found the write item for myself yet. Beyonce has though, check out those shoes..... drool.

Since it's not quite spring yet, a cropped pant works perfectly for a warm afternoon and cool night.

I'm a sucker for a pic with a pup!

I bought a dress almost identical to this a few months ago. Now if only I had legs like Karen's, I'd wear boots like hers with it.

Check out Country Road's new season catalogue in store and online - well worth a look. I'm loving the neutrals and brights and loads of navy...

Lace heels - yum.

A skirt I think I'm going to try on tomorrow.... hot colour for Spring, raspberry!

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