Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogs worth checking out, Big Day Out + more

I've recently come across 2 fabulous new blogs that you just MUST check out. Judy & Jane Aldridge are an American mother & daughter team who are so amazing that I have been spending all my morning blog reading time going back over their posts for 2009.

I won't ramble on about them because I think you need to see the blogs for themselves - Judy's Atlantis Home and Jane's Sea of Shoes. You can tell they are big on the fashion scene when they have articles written about them in Teen Vogue & Modern Luxury (an American home magazine) and even get invited to visit Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris - helloooo!

I try and update my list of links regularly with all the new sites I find so don't forget, it's over in the right hand column titled md+s recommends (just scroll down the page if you can't see it).

Is anyone heading to Big Day Out on the Goldie this Sunday? We are and I'm so excited! After a dissapointing Stereosonic festival in early December, I'm looking forward to seeing the awesome bands that are playing at BDO this year. On our list of who to check out is Karnivool (their song All I Know I voted number 1 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2009!), Temper Trap (love, love, love their song Sweet Disposition), Itch-E & Scratch-E, Calvin Harris, Muse and if we can make it from the main stage to the Boiler Room without getting trampled to death, we'll try and catch Groove Armada. If you haven't seen the timetable and map for the festivities, it's online here.

Of course, once our timetable has been organised, I've had to work out what to wear. Normally I stick with shorts, singlet and bikini top but this time round I've decided to wear something a little bit "festival-ish". I was doing a quick whip through the cheapo stores recently (because I'm on a strict spending budget) and came across the cutest, cheapest singlet in Valleygirl that I just had to have. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a top I'd seen Nicole Richie wearing a few years back that I absolutely loved. I'm hoping to pick up a pair of denim shorts to wear with it and will accessorise with a tan belt, tan shoulder bag and black havaianas - a cheap but chic outfit perfect for BDO. I also always make sure I don't take my expensive D&G sunglasses to festivals on the off chance that I will lose or break them so I'm going to go all out and wear a pair of Wayfarer copies I bought for a costume a year or so ago (I never thought I suited this style but I figure if Audrey Hepburn can wear them, I can too!).
Floral Ruffle Singlet $29.95 (Valleygirl)
Wayfarer copies $39.95 (Sportsgirl)
Denim shorts $27.99 (Ally Fashion)
Tan Plaited belt $69.96 (Country Road)
Metal Logo thongs $21.95 (Havaianas)

Nicole Richie's top that inspired my purchase.


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