Friday, January 15, 2010

What to wear: Hello Weekend

Ok, Ok, so I'm going a bit overboard with the new segment but I can't help it.... Hopefully some of you have got some inspiration out of the few What to Wear's I've posted so far and since no-one has complained about them, I can only assume you are enjoying them!

Today I'm posting two outfits both perfect for the weekend ahead. Outfit one has a little French Riviera feel to it - stripes will do that! The good thing about this outfit is it's versatility - great if you've got a spot of shopping to do, going to lunch with friends or even heading down the Gold Coast for Big Day Out on Sunday!

Outfit one:
Top $79.95 Piper Lane (from BirdMotel)
Shorts $89.95 Witchery
Hat $19.95 Just Jeans
Sunnies $169 Saba
Belt $44.95 Indy C
Bag $39.95 Indy C
Shoes $39.95 Globe (from City Beach)

Our second outfit today is inspired by The Hills star, Audrina Partridge. When visiting Oz a little while back for the MTV Awards, she rocked a great white T and jeans ensemble that I have always loved. I'm a big fan of a really simple top, great jeans and black heels - a staple outfit you can always fall back on if you have nothing else to wear. The ripped jeans give the outfit a bit of a rock-chick edge and if it's a bit chilly outside, just add a tailored black blazer just like Miss Partridge did.

Outfit 2:

Top $59.95 Witchery

Jeans $139.95 Just Jeans

Belt $69.95 Country Road

Blazer $169.95 Sportsgirl

Necklace $16.95 Sportsgirl

Shoes $59.95 Payless Shoes

I hope you get some inspiration from today's outfits, enjoy your weekend whatever you're doing and pray for a sunny day, no lines to get a drink and some killer bands at Big Day Out 2010.....

And.... just to get you in the mood for the weekend, a little music (my favourite Friday afternoon track).


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