Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steal her style

If like me you're enjoying this amazing weather in Brisbane at the moment, you'll have also started to think about how to dress for the change of season (ie. wearing a dress but need something to keep you warm when your in the shade).

Check out a few cheap ways to get these great celebrity looks, all from local Brisbane chain stores - one under $300 and the other, just over $100.... bargain!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Ultimate Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Dear Miss Palermo,

I'd like to firstly give you props for being one of the most amazingly sophisticated and beautiful young things in America (or, dare I say, the WORLD). Your style is to die for and you never seem to put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes. It's also nice to see a celebrity who doesn't think their outfit should revolve around them showing off a mass of skin or make them look like a Vegas show girl (Paris, I'm looking at you here).

I'm so incredibly taken with your clothing choices and ability to put together timeless, elegant outfits that I've decided that you are going to be one of my Ultimate Style Icons. You should know, this is quite an accolade as I don't hand out the term lightly. You're currently running a close third to the one and only Audrey Hepburn and my very own Mum (see, up there with the best....).

I hope that since I've decided to give you this accolade, you won't mind if I steal your style just a smidgen. You see, I spend a lot of time (on weekends of course) looking at blogs, celebrities, magazines and websites and have come to the realisation that you far surpass so many ladies out there in the A-List world at the moment that I think it's worth looking to you for inspiration.

I only hope to do you some justice when heading to the Gold Coast in the coming weeks for a Girls Weekend by using your style as a base for my outfit. Thanks to some of your wonderful fashion risks, I've warmed to the fact that sequins are not just for ballroom dancers or costume parties. Therein lies the reason for my purchase of the below skirt by Australian label, Pink Stitch (available through Shop Til You Drop although I managed to pick mine up from Nami in Byron Bay, on sale for just $30).

Thanks to a quote I've lived by for a while now about "showing the top OR the bottom, never both" (ie. show off your clevage or your legs, not the two together) I'll be wearing it with back stockings, a black singlet and chunky necklace (another of your favourites I see).

Add a cute black clutch (something basic so as to not detract from the focal point of the outfit, the skirt) and some killer heels (and yes, I now see that stockings and open toe shoes are wearable) and I think I'm getting as close to the mark as one can get when they are on a limited budget, don't have access to some of the world's most amazing fashion houses and don't work on a TV show (oh, and Brisbane isn't exactly the "New York" of Australia so that doesn't help much either come to think of it).

And so to the Gold Coast I will go - with you in mind, I do hope I can carry off my outfit with as much style, grace and poise as you do and will forever live in the hope that one day, I might just get photographed for the social pages and can for a split second, pretend Olivia Palermo.

Yours in fashion,

NB. All photos are thanks to the latest blog I'm in love with Olivia Palermo's Style.

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