Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So not celebrity....

I couldn't help but post a few pics of some non-celebrities I found on the web so far this week. While I don't get a lot of time to write on this blog due to work, life commitments, I always make time in the mornings with a coffee or at night after dinner to check out what's happening on the net.

You all know I love Chictopia and everyone who's anyone reads The Satorialist (where a few photos are from this week) but I also have a few other secret blogs I follow for their interesting images and great links. One of the best ways to find out about other blogs is by checking out who your favourites reccomend.

While checking out one of said blogs today, I came across a picture of these two amazing young fashionistas. Can you believe Noa & Lev are only 14? And they have their own blog..... Brains & Beauty. While people under the age of 17 being more fashionable than most of the world scares me to death, I can't help but admire these two for so clearly knowing what they love and [in this digital age] being able to so easily make it come to life.

The lovely Karen from Where Did You Get That is one lucky gal - not only does she have the body to rival Ms Gisele herself (check out those legs will you) but she's fashionable and has one heck of a photographer for a boyfriend. This shot stood out so much to me this morning, it's making me want to go and buy myself a digital SLR camera even though I can't afford it. Getting the light right in a train? Genius.

Two reasons for posting this shot (apart from the fact that it's a fantastic moving image) - I want those legs and that necklace. Ok, so maybe three reasons - I wouldn't say no to those heels either!

I couldn't miss out a few Chictopia shots either - I'm on the look out for a nice black maxi dress for summer but can't seem to find one. If only this gal was in Australia, she only spent $40 on this gorgeous number from Target!

Ummmm - hello, can I have that necklace please? And while we're at it, that dress is very chic. Most of us couldn't pull off the big shoulders that are around at the moment (since we're not all Beyonce) but this LBD actually works. Not too big that they're over the top but not too small that they look like they're trying too hard. And isn't she just a cutie to boot? I think I'm going to be on the look out for a big chunky necklace in the coming weeks...... can't you tell?

Have a good hump day all!


Monday, September 28, 2009

design+style for invitations, cards/announcements, stationery, logos + more

Since I don't have an actual website just yet I'm shamlessly plugging myself in this post today..... design+style now does graphic design!

If you're after invitations, cards or baby announcements, business or personal stationery, logos, brochures/flyers and loads more, design+style can help.

Should you be after something for a wedding, new arrival, new business or just for your own personal use, design+style can assist with the design and printing of any of these items.

To check out some examples of things I've done, click here to see my portfolio.

No job is too big or too small, all queries are welcome! Feel free to contact me via email should you have something you'd like design+style to help with.

Contact design+style:


Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday photos, blogs worth checking out and more....

This week was bursting with great photos, due largely to a few major award nights both in America and Australia. My pick of the Emmy's earlier this week was the gorgeous Kate Walsh and stunning Toni Collete. Kate rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to style and while I wouldn't normally like this type of dress, Ms Walsh works it well and has matched a lovely shade of light blue/grey with her complexion and hair colour.

There's also no going past our very own Toni Collete. Not only did she look red (or should I say pink) hot at the show, she also took home the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for The United States of Tara. If you haven't checked this program out (Wednesday nights, 9.30pm on ABC1) then you need to sit yourself down and watch! Not only is Toni an amazing actress but the story lines and supporting cast are fantastic. Each episode seems to be getting crazier by the week and we just love it in our house (certainly makes you feel like you're not as insane as you thought you were).

It seems there were so many events around the globe this week that I couldn't decide which photos to put up.... so instead of posting evey shot and telling you why I like them, I'm just going to let you gawk on your own. A special note must go to little Miss Dirrty though, Christina Aguilera. After having her little baby Max while back now, we haven't seen much of the songstress (and to be honest, what I have seen wasn't all that great compared to how she used to get dolled up!). But this recent shot of her makes me think she might be making her way back into the celebrity/music world. Plus you've gotta give a girl some credit for finding a look and sticking with it. Platinum blonde hair and red lipstick will never go out of style (and least she's probably hoping so).

I've also been trasping the internet this week for all things bridal..... not because I'm getting married (sorry to dissapoint anyone who's reading this that knows me and my man).
A girlfriend and her partner recently announced their engagement (at their baby shower no less) and I've offered to help her make her wedding invitations. Considering I've only ever made one wedding invitation in my designing life, I thought I better have a sticky beak at what everyone else does (not being married means I have no experience in this field - and what a bloody big field it is).

Enter 100 Layer Cake. I came across this blog while doing a google image search on wedding invitations and immediately fell in love. Their selection of photographs of real weddings, their colour boards, DIY tips and links to wedding supply companies are second to none. The only problem is it does mean you get stuck on the internet going back through old posts for hours. Beware - you will need some time to read this blog, you'll get sucked into the beautiful images and wedding ideas even if you're not getting married!

What I really love most about this blog though are the Real Weddings they chose to post about. Almost every single one has something a little quirky about it - while still being reasonably traditional with bridesmaids, receptions etc, each one really shows the personalities of the bride and groom through colours, invitations, wacky photos and even a few special guests - who wouldn't want their puppy at their wedding?
My favourite idea from the real weddings from these guys though has to be photo booths. It's always fun to see everyone else's photos from an event (especailly when someone slightly more sober at the end of the night has the camera on those who have had a few too many) and this is one idea I would love to steal for any function. Providing a cool backdrop for guests to take their own happy snaps would no doubt leave you with some cool shots for a wedding album no?
What's also interesting is the amount of work the bride and groom from a lot of these weddings do themselves. So many couples create their own invitations, make bridesmaid dresses and ties and even decorate the reception areas themselves. Granted as you read some of the stories you'll find some people work in creative fields which would help with an eye for what works but by searching the internet (and blogs like this) and talking to wedding planners or designers, you'd be surprised at what you could create yourself.
And so into the weekend we head.... it's AFL Grand Final day tomorrow here in Australia and while my team may not have made it into this momentus game (shame Port Adelaide, shame) I still get excited by all the colour and passion displayed by Aussies on this one day in September. Congratulations to Gary Ablett Jr who took out the Brownlow on Monday evening and to his gorgeous girlfriend (see Friday photos above) who was my pic of the best dressed ladies of the evening - very on trend with the big necklace.
I managed to come second in my footy tipping comp this season - pipped at the post by my man - and I tipped Geelong for the win tomorrow but either way, it's going to be a great day and I hope you enjoy the game wherever you're watching from. Lets hope the dust has settled (literally this week!) and it's a warm, sunny weekend for football, festivals and fun.

Robot's sometimes get hiccups!

I just couldn't not post about this!

While checking out Design Mom's new posts this morning, I came across a link to this cute as a button website, Jane the Pink Robot.

Click on the triangle, then hit any key on your keyboard to see what Jane has to say. Great fun for kids and adults alike (if you think Robot's with hiccups are funny that is...)



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'll have what she's having

When: Saturday Night

What: Meeting up with an old work colleague back from 2 years in the UK

Where: X&Y Bar, Fortitude Valley (highly recommended)

Wore: Barkins grey boyfriend blazer, Witchery white loose fitting singlet, Dotti black "jeanie" pants (as posted about last week and named so because apparently they make me look like I Dream of Jeanie in them) , Diva black horn necklace, Tony Bianco black suede round toe heels, Portmans black clutch.

Drink: the Applesinthe cocktail $19 - La Fee Bohemian Absinthe, French Apple Liqueur, cloudy Apple Juice, Lemon Juice and Passionfruit Pulp in a tall glass w/ crushed ice.

Ever had drink envy? It's the same as food envy - when someone else orders something and you wish you'd ordered what they had instead of the crap you ended up with. Well I had drink envy on Saturday night. I frequently can't decide what to drink when I'm out because a lot of places have shitty wine selections (and that's mostly what I drink). And so in my hasty decision to pick something so I didn't piss off the bartender, I ended up drinking champagne at $9 a glass (yes, $9 a glass. I can get a whole bottle for that at my local).

What I WISHED I'd ordered was the above mentioned Applesinthe. Two girls beside me at the bar ordered them about half way through the evening and the smell when the cocktail shaker was poured was intoxicating. I could have saved myself some money (and trips to the bar) by ordering 4 of those instead of 8 glasses of champagne but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it.
If you haven't checked out X&Y yet, I highly recommend it. Funky beats (including some awesome old school tracks), a great cocktail list, a cheeky "hole in the floor" so you can see how busy it is upstairs if you're in the downstairs bar (beware if you're wearing a skirt/dress ladies) and some mega groovy bar staff who wear t-shirts bearing the faces of dead icons such as Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett etc. Check out their website or drop in (they're right across from Cloudland on Ann Street, Fortitude Valley) - the cocktails are worth the trip.
PS. Since we're talking drinks, I came across the easiest and best summer sip at the Westfield Chermside function a few weeks back - vodka, Bundaberg Ginger Beer and loads of fresh mint. Helllllooooo warm, lazy Sunday afternoons............

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday photos

Praise the lord, it's Friday. If only we all didn't have to work and it was wine time all day long. I just read a new post at my girlfriends new blog Magnolia Gray and now I'm feeling like I need to be beside a pool sipping a cocktail..... bah! If only.

But I digress. I can't sit here all day and dream of what I could be doing (I should be thinking of all the work I SHOULD be doing!). And so it's to this week's photos we go.
Speaking of all things Summery, check out the always stunning Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl earlier this week. Does this chick not have the best wardrobe in the world? (although I can't tell if this is Blake or Serena but either way, I wouldn't be complaining).

Today Fabsugar is asking which outfit is Audrey's best from the premiere's of Coco Avant Chanel. Frankly, who can choose? This girl doesn't put a foot wrong. Not to mention she looks and is named after my ultimate style icon, Ms Hepburn herself! Buuuut.... if I had to pick, I must say, the gorgeous navy blue & white number (far left) is my kinda dress. Classic but just a little bit edgy.

You've got to give it to Lauren Conrad. She no longer has a hit TV show but she still manages to get her lovely mug in magazines, on websites and all over everything else at least once a day. Even when someone ELSE is taking photos of her for her line of necklaces for charity, she gets splashed all over the net. Why did I pick this shot today though you ask (as it is a little bland). Well, because somehow LC makes a plain white singlet, black jeans and silver necklace look good.

Continuing on from my post on Monday about my outfit last week, I thought I might put together what I've got on today. After trapsing around Westfield Chermside last night on the look out for a little something to quench my shopping thirst, I came across the cutest pair of black "fashion cargo" pants in Dotti. Similar to the navy blue pair I picked up in Witchery a few months back, I just couldn't go past the price - $69.95. They're a great cut and look good with both heels and flats. I teamed them today with a loose white racer back singlet (which I also picked up last night in Witchery), a black horn pendant I've had for what feels like a decade (but still gets comments every time I wear it), black peep toe heels and a little red Country Road cropped cardigan to keep me warm in the office.

I've every intention of wearing the pants out to drinks with a friend who's back from the UK tomorrow night but instead of the peep toes and red cardigan, I've decided to try and find a pair of gladiator heels. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but for me, heels with ankle straps of any kind just don't work on my legs (ie. they make me look like I've got tree trunks and body builders calves). However, when worn with pants rather than a dress or skirt, the problem seems to be avoided. And there's no doubt about it - the only reason the harem/fashion cargo pant look with the tapered ankle is back is to show off the over the top shoes that are all the rage.

I'm hoping I might get away with a reasonably cheap pair however as I don't know how long this look will last..... while the tapered ankle pant is likely something that will stick around, you can only wear so many gladiator heels before you get sick of all that embelishment.

In the mean time though, to avoid spending more than $100 on something I may live to regret buying, I've found a few styles in Payless, Famous and Barkins that get the look without the price tag. These two from Payless (right) are just $79.95 - and seriously, is anyone going to be that close to them to notice where they're from? Not likely.

New season items have also come through at Barkins and would be worth a look-see, check out the Boyd and Jacob styles, both just $59.95.

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Better late than never

So I didn't get any photos up on Friday due to my puppy going AWOL. Good thing he decided to jump the fence of a family members house who lives right near the RSPCA and we got him back within a few hours (he must have been jealous we were going to Byron Bay without him so we decided to take him in the end). Just so he doesn't feel left out again, I thought I would finally post a few pics of him today (don't worry, fashion to follow!).
This is our little Diesel as a puppy.....
And how he looks now - still as cute as ever!

Better late than never though right? A few snaps of things I fell in love with last week.

I don't normally rate Whitney Port as I think sometimes she is just too fashion forward (and being such a tall girl, I often think she doesn't wear things to suit her height/shape) but this is just fab-u-lous. Shorts have really become a versatile item and Whitney has really picked her colours well with a nice pastel theme. The perfect Spring ensemble.

I can't say I'm "bananas" for Rachel Zoe but I can see her appeal (I'd also KILL for her job). I'm lusting after a nice pair of pants similar to her's in this photo (and I think I've found some - more on that later in this post).

If you haven't realised chain's & big necklaces are back, you're living under a rock. Put the two together and you've got a rockin accessory. Lily's choice of what looks like her Mum's sweater leaves a little to be desired but the necklace is to die for.
You'd be hard pressed to find a woman who can pull off a platinum blonde quiff and blue eye shadow but Gwen seems to make this look GOOD. Not to mention how chic little Kingston looks with his scarf, parka and matching blonde hairdo! These two make me want to go out and buy kids clothes!

I was also lucky enough to attend a Westfield Chermside Spring/Summer preview last week at the beautiful Mirra in Fortitude Valley (if you're after somewhere a little different for a function, check them out). Stylist Kim Ring went through a number of different looks for the up-coming season all from stores located at Westfield Chermside.

I would have loved to get some photos but unfortunately couldn't. I have however ticked a number of items in my little look-book that I want to purchase from the show so I'll endeavour to post a few pics of them if they make their way into my wardrobe (I think at least the accessories will). One beautiful dress I did find online that was shown on the catwalk was this a stunning floor length gown from Forever New.

And lastly, I had to post a little collage of an outfit I put together last week. After falling in love with a work colleagues snake skin heels from Wittner, I just had to get myself a pair. Alas, funds didn't allow me to purchase the more expensive patent pair she did but who needs them when you can get an identical pair from Payless for just $59.95!

I can't take the credit for the outfit though - that goes to Kate Beckinsale. While she teamed her white shirt, black shorts and heels with a patent red belt (which I'm now on the look out for since I don't have one) I decided the new shoes needed breaking in.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday photos - She wears short shorts

Today's photos are dedicated to this lovely weather we're having in Brisbane. Perfect for short shorts in all colours and styles.

Want to get yourself a pair? Look no further than this cute pair from Country Road..... Ink Cotton Shorts, $119 (new season stock so in stores now).

Have a good weekend!
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