Friday, April 30, 2010

Winter Essentials - How to wear them

Ok, so now that I've given you a few of my picks for Winter, I thought I'd best show you just a few quick ways to put them together (not that I'm sure all you wonderfully dressed ladies don't already know how to dress yourselves of course....).

Start with the top, add a bottom that works, pick a piece of jewellery, maybe a scarf or even some stockings or leggings and a bag and you're ready for anywhere, anytime.....


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winter Essentials

It's been a little while and I apologise but I've finally finished putting together a list of a few esssentials you might need to add to your wardrobe this Winter.

Firstly, I have to acknowledge Miss M who specifically asked me for this post. With a budget of just $500, she wanted to know a few cheap but chic items worth purchasing for the cooler months and I've had a great time searching the internet for you.

Every item I've chosen is under $200 so you should easily be able to make your budget stretch across a few pieces instead of just one or two and most of what I have chosen is reasonably classic so they should last you a little while longer than just this season.
I've broken things up into a few categories - Tops, Dresses/Tunics, Bottoms, Softgoods & Jewellery so you can check out what you think you need easily. Apologies if any of these items are no longer available as I did start this a few weeks ago.
I hope this helps with your shopping for Winter Miss M - be sure to let me know what you do end up buying and whether my list has helped! Happy shopping everyone.

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