Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greetings readers and apologies for the lack of posts lately. I don't have much time over the next few weeks to be scouring the internet & magazines for all the usual fabulousness you receive from design+style due to work commitments so I thought I might try and get in one little post this afternoon before I head off to do the Thursday night shopping shift.

I haven't posted much from Chictopia in a while but when I jumped onto the website today, I simply couldn't stop drooling - is this image on the homepage to die for or what? I am in LOVE with all those cozy knit layers she's wearing! I just wish it got cold enough in Brisvegas to dress like this. I simply can't WAIT for winter......... brrrring it on!

I've not been too sure about the whole shorts & stockings thing since seeing Nicole Richie wear it to launch her Winter Kate collection recently but after seeing a few extremely fashionable ladies on Chictopia put together some knock out ensembles, I think it works (mind you, I don't have legs like this young lady so there's every chance it wouldn't look anything like this on me!).

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I hope to be back again soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What to wear: Working on a Sunday

Unfortunately, some of us now have to work Sundays..... which while fantastic for my bank account, is not so fantastic when it's a) Valentine's Day and b) my feet are so sore from 4 straight days of working that I can barely move them!

Alas, I still have to get my butt into gear and get off to my first Sunday shift. I just hope my legs will hold out on me and the day goes really quickly! Here's what I'm wearing to work today....

While a lot of people could wear this outfit without the skirt, I simply can't get away with leggings as pants (nor do I really like it!) so I like to wear a shirt mini skirt when tops aren't quite long enough to be dresses (with this great animal print top, you can tuck it in or leave it out with the skirt, it looks great both ways).
I know I've been posting a lot of Sportsgirl items in What to Wear lately but I promise it won't be this way all the time, I'll be back to all brands in the next few weeks or so (once I have finished showing you all the great things I've been buying from work!).
Happy Valentine's Day....I hope you all did something lovely with your other half!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day....

And I'm back in the workforce..... eeeek!

I start my new job tomorrow and thought it only fitting that I do a What to Wear and show you what I'll be wearing for my first day.

Thankfully you don't have to be top to toe in their label (phew!) on your first day but lucky for me, I actually had a scarf I picked up from them recently that will at least mean I've got something on that's from their current season.

Knowing what girls can be like with labels (cause I know I am picky) I thought I need to wear something that looks like it could have easily come from the Sportsgirl store even though it actually hasn't so I've stuck with just simple black skinny jeans, black flats (for comfort), a yellow singlet with a white one layered underneath, some simple pearl studs, a few silver bangles and the scarf. The yellow of the singlet is actually identical to the yellow on the scarf so the it picks the colours up well. Here's hoping I fit right in when I rock up in the morning!

I also thought it fitting to include this great song by Nina Simone that I've been listening to this afternoon to get me into the right head space - I thought the lyrics were quite appropriate.
Wish me luck!
EDIT: The shoes in the picture are also Sportsgirl, $69.96, sorry for missing them.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What to wear: Rainy Day Sunday

Could it be any wetter in South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales this weekend?

After a few days of non-stop rain and storms here in Brisvegas, I thought it only fitting I put together a cute Sunday afternoon What to Wear for a rainy day just like today. While the water has stopped for the moment at my house, it's still very grey outside and (thankfully) the temperature has dropped so it's definately slipper and DVD weather.

You may notice I've started putting the details of each item within the picture - I apologise for not having links to everything but it just makes things a little easier for me when I put the outfits together! Of course if you get stuck looking for a website that I've taken an item from, just email me and I can send you the details.

You'll also probably have noticed a new look for my blog, I thought it needed a little change. Instead of completely re-designing the header I took some inspiration from the March edition of Vogue and just changed the colours - what do you think?

I've decided that I'll change the colours over as the seasons change so keep your eyes out for some more great combinations!

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, whatever you're doing - I'm in my trackies watching the cricket, go Australia!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

How time flies

I truly can't believe it's February already, what was I doing while January passed right by me?

I came to realise yesterday that it feels like Christmas was a lifetime ago when it was actually only a month or so. All that time has passed and I've never posted about two of the amazing gifts we received from my parents.

What reminded me of this was a trip to an antique store earlier in the week and a little purchase I made for my folks. My Mum searched high and low for one of my Christmas presents and her hard work paid off - check out the stunning ginger jar she found for me that now proudly sits atop our side cabinet.

So when I came across this cute mini version that just screamed "buy me, your Mum will love me!", I just couldn't pass it up. I loved it not only because it is likely to have some crazy story behind it (at least I hope it does) but also because the flowers on it look like oriental lillies which waaay back when I was in high school and my Mum was laid up in bed for a month after having some surgery, someone bought her a giant bunch of the most amazing pink oriental lillies I'd ever seen. The smell took over the entire house and ever since then, I've always been reminded of my Mum when I see or smell these flowers.

Another great gift my man received was this fantastic Guiness poster. If you're after a cool blokey present that doesn't cost the earth, I highly reccomend items like these! My Mum and I love old posters and artwork and she knew this one would work perfectly with the little bar area I want to set up for my man (I'm looking out for an old school drinks trolley to do up - more on that in the coming weeks!).

This great print has pride of place above our dining table at the moment as it's a little large to sit above the side cabinet where we keep our scotch decanter & glasses (see first image) but when I eventually find the drinks trolley and a place for it, I think we'll have to move it into the "man's domain".

I'm not 100% sure which website my Mum purchased this poster from but here are a few sites I know of:

Blue Dog

Vintage Venus

All Posters


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogs worth checking out x 2

I know I post about other people's blogs all the time and today is going to be no exception. Especially after I came across two fantastic new blogs that you just HAVE to check out.

1. Ish & Chi
Meet Viv, a young Sydney girl with a beautiful Etsy store, husband, little boy Robert and an eye for great design! From the minute I started reading this blog, I just couldn't stop. I have enjoyed seeing some of the re-worked second hand pieces of furniture she's been painting and seeing how their beautiful little house is coming along. If you're an avid Real Living magazine reader, you might recognise their house from the November 2009 issue (yep, how lucky are they!).

I just love Viv's taste in home decor and her great sense of style - especially because most of what she posts about, makes and sells is actually affordable as well. Head over to have a read now, you won't be dissapointed!

2. My Life, My Loves
Another local Aussie blogger I stumbled on this week is Sharnel (a Brissie girl!) who loves interior design, party planning, great design and more. I came across Sharnel's blog through Amy Atlas and let me tell you - if Amy Atlas posts about your dessert table, you're doing something SO RIGHT!

If you don't have the time to read all of Sharnel's blog, you just have to check out her house (here and here). Designed by the amazing Anna Spiro of Black & Spiro, it is so out of this world that I can't stop looking at it. I think I want almost everything in it - if only I could afford it all!

I'm not posting any photos from these two blogs today because I simply can't chose which ones I like the best! All I can say is grab yourself a cuppa, a comfy chair and a good hour of free time to sit and enjoy these two blogs, you will not be dissapointed!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Cup of tea dear...?

I just baked a batch of apple & blueberry muffins and just had to share!

In case you're wondering, my cup & saucers are from Maxwell & Williams and the lovely rock paper weights were handmade (and hand painted!) by my lovely Mum!

While enjoying a cup of tea and devouring 2 of my freshly made muffins, I thought I'd include a What to Wear..... and today, everything you see is coming courtesy of my new place of employment (everything minus the tea cup that is).

In the picture:
Dress $99.95
Bracelet $24.95
Sandals $59.95
Clutch $39.95
Earrings $9.95
All available from Sportsgirl
Tea cups $139.95 for the set from The Cooking Company


Art inspired by Elk Accessories

If you haven't already seen, heard or read about Elk Accessories then you have go to check out their website.

I'd seen their products in a number of magazines but never in the flesh until I was in Byron Bay over Christmas with my family and discovered one of the shops just off the main drag stocks a number of their products (including this gorgeous trilby my Mum bought me for xmas!).
After seeing their brooches in countless magazines, I fell in love with the shapes so much I decided to use them as inspiration for an artwork for my bathroom. Not only was this an easy little set to put together, it only cost me $18 for the 3 canvases ($6 each from Riot Art, I prefer to buy the better quality canvases as they hold the paint better).

And here are the brooches I was inspired by.....


Grammy's style

Award season is well and truly underway and this morning's Grammy's certainly showed off some of the most interesting style choices so far! (I know Lady GaGa likes to make a statement but I don't understand why she can't do it tastefully!).

Here's a few of my favourite shots from this morning's red carpet (pictures courtesy of Popsugar &

The snazzy lads from Linkin Park looking every bit stylish in their black and charcoal suits (nice choice boys - I may be biased cause I love these guys).

Ok, ok, she's a Victoria's Secret model so she would look good in a paper bag but still. Marisa Miller showing off her insane pins.

I'm not a Glee fan but I'm a Lea Michele fan - she hasn't put a red carpet foot wrong and this dress is no exception.

The beautiful Jennifer Hudson looking smashing in an all black ensemble - take note, this is how to make your shape work for you!

I think I have a girl crush on Carrie Underwood. I'm not a fan of her music but she is so darn gorgeous and wears the most amazing dresses, you've got to give her (or her stylist) big wraps for putting her in some stunners.
Congratulations to Keith Urban and ACDC who were the only 2 Aussie award winners, good to see them flying the flag for us!
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