Monday, May 17, 2010

What to wear: What I'm wearing today

Happy Monday morning to you all!

Since it's my weekend today and tomorrow, I'm finally going to visit my Mum for a belated birthday and Mothers Day dinner. Since it's quite chilly today and I always make sure I wear something stylish when I visit my folks (being they are such a stylish couple themselves!) I put together a snazzy little outfit based on these great army green pants that are currently on sale at Sportsgirl.

I'm off to do the food shopping first this morning so I actually left the blazer at home and just threw on a little grey cardi to keep it a bit more casual (the people at Coles Nundah would probably look at me funny if I walked in wearing the below outfit).

I'm very much looking forward to seeing my parents and always love going to Byron even if the weather isn't the best - in fact, sometimes overcast days are even better cause it gives you an excuse to stay inside, rug up, cook a warm meal and have a few vinos..... if only they had a fireplace at their house we'd be set!

In the picture:
Blazer $49.95 Valleygirl
Singlet $39.95 Witchery
Pants $48.95 Sportsgirl (on sale)
Scarf $19.95 Sportsgirl
Earrings $165 and Bracelet $370 both Tiffany & Co
Shoes $175 Sambag
Handbag $269.95 Witchery

NB. These aren't actually the shoes I'm wearing today (I have a pair of MUCH cheaper silver ballet flats!) - they are just the ones I've got my eye on at the moment. I tried on a pair of Sambag flats recently and am SO in love with them. They are easily the most comfortable flats I've tried on in years - I guess that's why they are $175!

Have a great week everyone, till next time...


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