Monday, May 24, 2010

More Malene Birger

Some of you might remember me posting about the label By Malene Birger a little while ago so you won't be surprised that I'm talking about her again.

While I know we are going into Winter in Australia and this collection looks much more suited to Summer, I just adore everything she does so much I couldn't not post these pics.

There is something so right about how she works shapes and colours together - this is exactly how I love to dress! If I could only have one label in my wardrobe, I think it would be Malene (followed closely by Witchery which now that I think about it, is quite the chain store copy of Malene Birger don't you think?).

Click on the images to view them larger.

You might be thinking sequinned harem pants are a little crazy (third image from the left, above) but if they're in the new Sex & The City 2 movie (Samantha wears them in one scene), then they must be HOT!
(NB. I don't think I'll be seen in sequinned harem pants but that's mostly because I live in Brisbane and am simply not fashionable enough to get away with it - Samantha can).

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