Monday, July 12, 2010

Are you on the Maxi Skirt bandwagon yet?

I think I am. Not in the sense that I've bought one but definately that I want one.

I've been through this phase before about 5-6 years ago but when I was wearing them then, they were the tiered style, that sat just around ankle height and I only owned one black one and 2 hippie style printed ones (one of which I still have and wear around the house in summer).

What clearly seems to be the style coming out now though is more of a jersey/cotton fabric in plain colours, mostly blacks and greys. My Mum recently bought one but hadn't quite worked out what to wear it with so I thought I might help her out with a few options.

My first choice has to be the basi white tee or singlet, as seen on Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie (don't be put off by the fact that Nicole is pregnant in these pics - maxi skirts work on you weather you're pregnant or not!).
I really love a monochrome outfit and with a few pieces of the right jewellery and a little pair of sandals, this sort of outfit really can make the transition from the cooler months into Summer an easy one.

One other look I have seen a lot on a few fashion blogs lately is the black maxi skirt with stripes on top. It's such a cute look, especially when teamed with a cute little hat and some shoulder embellishments like this gorgeous gal from Chictopia.

So where to you get them from? Well, keep your eyes peeled in all the usual outlets in Australia (Witchery, Sussan, Sportsgirl etc) as they are likely to start popping up everywhere once it starts getting warmer.
In the mean time though, there are a few online shopping sites selling all manner of the maxi skirt.
Asos - the Seam Detail one in particular is my favourite

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