Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Leather... or Pleather?

Let's face it, it's not like the faux fur debate now is it? While I'm sure there are a number of people who are against the wearing of real leather based on it's origins, you don't see people being smeared with red paint just for wearing a leather jacket down the street (thank god). I've personally however have been debating the actual purchase of either a leather or "pleather" jacket this Winter.
When the trend came back into play last year, I saw them everywhere but alas, never found one that I thought was worthy of all that hard earned cash. In the past few weeks though I've seriously been considering spending a few bucks on a good quality 'leather look' jacket (and yes, I realise saying good quality and leather look in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron).
While still wanting to dress well and wear a little something new out on a weekend when you have little to no money, I figure going for a pleather jacket might be the best option. Plus, on the off chance that for some reason I decide after a few years it's totally not the right look or style for me, I won't feel so bad for forking out hundreds of dollars for one!

Above: photo courtesy of Chictopia

Above: Jessica Alba (photo courtesy of Popsugar)

Above: Nicole Richie (photo courtesy of Nicole Richie Fashion)
Above: Lauren Conrad (photo courtesy of Google Images)

And so it's to a few Aussie websites I treked recently to see what is out there in the faux leather department. I have to tell you - you'll be surprised.
After taking a look at a number of these in store, not only do they meet the budget friendly shopping I've been having to do lately but they so easily pass for the real thing, even a cow would do a double take. Check out a few real and fake ones I've got my eye on....

Above: Valleygirl Faux Leather $59.95

Above: Just Jeans Leather $199

Above: Valleygirl Faux Leather $39.95


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