Monday, May 24, 2010

A little love for Chictopia

So I've been spending lots of time in Chictopia lately as I'm really starting to find it handy for that age old dilema of "I can't afford anything new and need to put together an outfit for the weekend".....

While flicking through magazines for the millionth time usually provides me with some inspiration, Chictopia is turning out to be far superior. The best part being that you can actually do a search on a particular item or colour.

For example, this weekend just passed I wanted to wear a blazer and green pants (see previous post to check out the pants) but was tossing up what top to wear with it. So I simply did a search for both items and scoured the site til I had a few ideas.

While tooling around on this search, I came across a few fantastic outfits that I just had to share. Enjoy!

I came across a cute as a button striped blazer in Target the other day and couldn't quite work out how you would wear it - then I saw this girl. Love it!

I love how this gal has managed to look so chic but still casual - this is exactly how I wish I could dress everyday but it never seems to work out as well as this!

A-dor-able. I just love this type of look - so classic and perfect for any occasion. I have every intention of stealing this whole outfit for an event soon!


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