Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grey skies are going to clear up

Put on a happy face (I have!).

I just can't seem to get enough of grey. Light grey, charcoal, marle, whatever your fancy, it's almost as good a staple as black. I recently bought a pair of grey skinny jeans (I can't quite believe how long it's taken me) and now I'm obsessed with looking for things to wear them with.

Thanks to a day off and a quick look in Just Jeans, I'm now the proud owner of a great pair of grey skinnies for only $50 - yes, that's right - $50! Not only were they cheap but they are a great cut and for once I don't have to have the hems taken up cause I'm such a short arse.

The only downside is now I want lots more black tops, red shoes and stripes to go with them (a la Christina Aguilera). I also think I've got another girl crush but this time on Lara Bingle. After seeing a hot pic of her in some grey skinnies and biker jacket (now I want one of these too) I think I'm in love with her style. If only I had the money to buy the labels she did (I wouldn't say no to Michael Clarke either actually).

Yes, the weather in Brisvegas is warmer than a freshly made coffee at the moment and grey is generally more of a winter colour but I don't care. There's something a little rock chick about grey skinnies - especially when you add the right accessories like a black horn pendant, white singlet, black long line cardi and black peep toes which I have on today.

Good thing Country Road has a great loose fitting black singlet for $59.95 available in their city store that I'm picking up tomorrow - that's Friday's outfit looked after.

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