Friday, August 14, 2009

When the cats away, the mice will.... shop

....and drink wine, watch Four Weddings & a Funeral, let the dog inside, blog....

Note to self: I think I've seen Four Weddings & a Funeral before. And it was just as cheesy the first time round. And I don't particularly like Hugh Grant.

A last minute decision by a work friend and I and instead of staying at home watching a DVD eating leftover macaroni cheese and we were out and about in town doing a quick spot of shopping on a fine, balmy Friday night in Brisbane. And after quick look at a few websites earlier in the afternoon, I managed to come across a cute maxi dress in of all places, Just Jeans.

Whilst it may have been brighter in the photos (since when do they photoshop the clothes, not just the models?) it was still worth a buy, my first maxi dress - at least that I know of. Best check with my Mum over the weekend.

I also dont look as sultry as the girl on the website but one can dream...

While being very pleased with my purchase (if my man is reading this: note I didn't say purchases plural?) I was also jealous of the purchase of my shopping partner Miss S - she picked up the hottest shoes in the entire store at Wittner. So hot in fact, I'm almost considering trying them on myself tomorrow!

All that shopping and 2 glasses of wine has made me tired though so til next time....


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