Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday photos

Hello readers.

You may have been wondering why design+style has been a little lacklustre these past few weeks - well, thankfuly I'm still alive. Just busy.

I've been scouring websites and magazines when I get a spare 5 minutes but just haven't had the time to write or post about the things I've found with work, college, family etc. However.... in my last 20 minutes before heading off to Byron Bay for a 4 day weekend with my parents and my dog, I thought I'd at least get a few photos out to entice you into doing a spot of shopping for spring - after all, when it's 28 degrees in Brisbane in winter, how could you NOT start thinking of all things short and sweet?

I hope to be back writing & posting more soon. In the mean time, enjoy!


I'm in LOVE with acid yellow at the moment. I just haven't found the write item for myself yet. Beyonce has though, check out those shoes..... drool.

Since it's not quite spring yet, a cropped pant works perfectly for a warm afternoon and cool night.

I'm a sucker for a pic with a pup!

I bought a dress almost identical to this a few months ago. Now if only I had legs like Karen's, I'd wear boots like hers with it.

Check out Country Road's new season catalogue in store and online - well worth a look. I'm loving the neutrals and brights and loads of navy...

Lace heels - yum.

A skirt I think I'm going to try on tomorrow.... hot colour for Spring, raspberry!

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