Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogs worth checking out: Pacing the Panic Room

It may seem a little weird (especially to my man) that I am in love with a blog all about babies considering I don't actually have any of my own but I guarantee that after reading a few short posts and checking out some of the gorgeous photography on Pacing the Panic Room, you too will be hooked.

I originally came across the Maternity Series through another lovely blog, Design Mom. It was impossible not to get caught up in the week by week account of the writers partner Cole and the pending birth of their second child. I didn't always have time to read the full posts but the image of the stunning Cole and the description of where she was at with her pregnancy that week were enough. Even cuter was when their first born turned doctor and listened to the heartbeat of his soon to be new brother or sister.

The Maternity Series may have finished with the birth of their little baby girl Tessa but the main blog continues on. I thoroughly enjoy reading snippets on the changes their second child has made to their family life and looking at the beautiful photos of their little family.

Whether you're awaiting the birth of your first, already have a broad of 10, don't want children at all or are still deciding when is the right time, this blog is worth a read, if only for starting at the cute as a button children this lucky couple has.


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