Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to Wear: Pencil Skirts

A little while ago.... sorry, ok a LONG time ago, a friend of mine, Miss S, asked me to keep my eye out for good pencil skirts for her to look at for work.

Since I'm off to see Miss S for coffee today, I thought I should finally put a What to Wear together for her on pencil skirts (especially since I've seen some nice ones around lately).

So, apologies Miss S, for taking so long to put this up but hopefully if you haven't found one yet, these will help!

In the picture (from top left):

Gold button military skirt $79.95 Sportsgirl

Basic black pencil skirt $69.95 Sportsgirl

Grey pencil skirt $99.95 Witchery

Basic black pencil skirt $69.95 Witchery

White shirt $129.95 Sportscraft

Animal Print Top $29.95 Valleygirl

Black Patent Heels $149.95 Wittner

Black Seude Points $59.95


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