Monday, February 1, 2010

Cup of tea dear...?

I just baked a batch of apple & blueberry muffins and just had to share!

In case you're wondering, my cup & saucers are from Maxwell & Williams and the lovely rock paper weights were handmade (and hand painted!) by my lovely Mum!

While enjoying a cup of tea and devouring 2 of my freshly made muffins, I thought I'd include a What to Wear..... and today, everything you see is coming courtesy of my new place of employment (everything minus the tea cup that is).

In the picture:
Dress $99.95
Bracelet $24.95
Sandals $59.95
Clutch $39.95
Earrings $9.95
All available from Sportsgirl
Tea cups $139.95 for the set from The Cooking Company


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