Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greetings readers and apologies for the lack of posts lately. I don't have much time over the next few weeks to be scouring the internet & magazines for all the usual fabulousness you receive from design+style due to work commitments so I thought I might try and get in one little post this afternoon before I head off to do the Thursday night shopping shift.

I haven't posted much from Chictopia in a while but when I jumped onto the website today, I simply couldn't stop drooling - is this image on the homepage to die for or what? I am in LOVE with all those cozy knit layers she's wearing! I just wish it got cold enough in Brisvegas to dress like this. I simply can't WAIT for winter......... brrrring it on!

I've not been too sure about the whole shorts & stockings thing since seeing Nicole Richie wear it to launch her Winter Kate collection recently but after seeing a few extremely fashionable ladies on Chictopia put together some knock out ensembles, I think it works (mind you, I don't have legs like this young lady so there's every chance it wouldn't look anything like this on me!).

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I hope to be back again soon!

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