Thursday, February 4, 2010

How time flies

I truly can't believe it's February already, what was I doing while January passed right by me?

I came to realise yesterday that it feels like Christmas was a lifetime ago when it was actually only a month or so. All that time has passed and I've never posted about two of the amazing gifts we received from my parents.

What reminded me of this was a trip to an antique store earlier in the week and a little purchase I made for my folks. My Mum searched high and low for one of my Christmas presents and her hard work paid off - check out the stunning ginger jar she found for me that now proudly sits atop our side cabinet.

So when I came across this cute mini version that just screamed "buy me, your Mum will love me!", I just couldn't pass it up. I loved it not only because it is likely to have some crazy story behind it (at least I hope it does) but also because the flowers on it look like oriental lillies which waaay back when I was in high school and my Mum was laid up in bed for a month after having some surgery, someone bought her a giant bunch of the most amazing pink oriental lillies I'd ever seen. The smell took over the entire house and ever since then, I've always been reminded of my Mum when I see or smell these flowers.

Another great gift my man received was this fantastic Guiness poster. If you're after a cool blokey present that doesn't cost the earth, I highly reccomend items like these! My Mum and I love old posters and artwork and she knew this one would work perfectly with the little bar area I want to set up for my man (I'm looking out for an old school drinks trolley to do up - more on that in the coming weeks!).

This great print has pride of place above our dining table at the moment as it's a little large to sit above the side cabinet where we keep our scotch decanter & glasses (see first image) but when I eventually find the drinks trolley and a place for it, I think we'll have to move it into the "man's domain".

I'm not 100% sure which website my Mum purchased this poster from but here are a few sites I know of:

Blue Dog

Vintage Venus

All Posters


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