Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something for the boys....

It's not often my man and I shop together (unless you count his recent fascination with yd and the 3 trips we've made to their DFO store in the past 2 months) so when I see things online that look like him, I make a note to check them out instore next time I'm doing the rounds. Unfortunately dragging him along to actually try on anything is like pulling teeth so I've worked out the best thing to do is just buy things for him and keep the receipt. Why? Because our conversations usually go something like this....

Me: So I saw this great shirt/jumper/jacket when I was at Chermside the other day

Him: So?

Me: Well I just thought it would look nice with your new shoes/jeans you bought the other day

Him: But I dont need another shirt/jumper/jacket

Me: There's no such as thing as too many shirts/jumpers/jackets

Him: Yes there is - there's no space left in the wardrobe - although that's partially because you're taking up so much space

Me: Well maybe we could just move some clothes into one of the spare rooms?

Him: Go for it

Me: Maybe I'll do it this weekend [insert large sigh to show the effort it would take for me to actually do this even though it would take 5 minutes]

Him: Uh huh - could we talk about this later? The sports report is on

Me: So do you want to go check out the shirt/jumper/jacket I saw?

Him: What? Oh, right, not really. You know me, if you buy it, I'll wear it

Me: Ok, well I'll maybe go have a look and if they have your size, you can just pay me back

Him: Uh huh - could we talk about this later? The sports report is on

Enter Just Jeans. After seeing their hot black crushed leather jacket (for us ladies) for a cheap and chic $199, I thought it might be worth a look in the mens section to see what they've got for winter (that I can buy for him and he can pay me back)....

From top to bottom:
Mens Manhattan check shirt $59.95 (perfect for the "flannelette" party we have in a few weeks)
Mens block stripe hooded knit $69.95
Mens reversible scarf $24.95
Ladies crushed leather biker jacket $199

Yours truly

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