Monday, June 1, 2009

The size debate

Thanks to a link from Girl With A Satchel and an article on Frockwriter, I came across a great size debate article on today that's really worth a read (check out the full article here).

You'd be hard pressed to find a girl who hasn't at some stage in her life come across a size problem between stores or labels and Kate Browne proves it once again testing out a staple black skirt at Portmans, Country Road, Sussan, Target and Alannah Hill.

While the first size 6 dress I ever purchased at Country Road made me feel fantastic, it only lasted a few weeks. When the sales assistant asked me what size bra I was when looking for underwear to go with the dress, all I could do was point to my chest and say "this size!".

According to Choice, the government last year allocated $5 million to set a national sizing standard in the budget but it seems that funding hasn't been used as it was intended. We have a sizing standard for children, why not for adults? I wouldn't mind measuring myself and passing on my details when the next sensis forms come around (it's not like your work colleagues are going to know you've got a 42 inch bust are they?).

I agree with Jo Kellock in Choice's video - hopefully we can learn from the sizing standards set in the UK and come up with relevant, appropriate standards for Australia in the near future. When there's a major problem with obesity and eating disorders in our country, surely we should be finding ways to make a dress, skirt or pants be the RIGHT size, not the size 6 that makes us think we've lost a few kilos.

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