Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shopping with a machine?

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was something out of a futuristic movie but it's actually the brainy creation of Fred Segal - dispensing maching shopping.
For those with lives so busy they can't even shop online, there is the U*tique, a dispensing machine holding an array of luxury beauty items handpicked and tested by the creators available to you with a quick swipe of your credit card (you can even read about the product before purchasing on the digital screen).

While I thought having a bag carrier was a bit over the top (Paris Hilton may have one but it's only because her arms are so scrawny she can't hold more than her own purse) but this is taking shopping to the next level. To hell with sales assistants, online shopping and stylists. When you can get your face cream from a machine on the street corner, who needs shopping centres?

I may be stuck in the early 90's but the thrill of opening up a bundle of beautiful items wrapped in tissue and placed delicately into a colourful bag (that doubles as a lunchbox for work) is just too much fun.

And lets face it - if the lunch bag your carrying around says "Louis" or "Chanel" on the side, you may not have actually shopped there but everyone's going to think you did (even though it's got your cheese sandwich in it).

Yours truly

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