Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend wind-up

In fear of sounding like a broken record and mentioning the continuing global financial crisis, I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to shop at old favourites like Target when they bring out affordable fashion thanks to their Limited Edition line. Built for the modern girls budget but suitable for even some of the most fashionable of events, the latest items in the range are sure to be a hit for winter (now that it’s officially here).

Known more now for their affordable high end fashion collaborations with designers such as Tina Kalivas and Stella McCartney, Target are breathing life into the middle of the range market with streamlined cigarette pants, sheer blouses and cute jacquard dresses, all right on the mark when it comes to colour, style and price.

My personal favourite is the pleat jacquard skirt – just flirty enough to hide those slightly wider hips after a little less dog walking since the colder weather has hit (I’m speaking about me, not you readers) but still sexy enough to wear to after work drinks on a Friday - and not too short for the office.

Along with a love for the aforementioned line, I’ve this weekend discovered a girl crush on The City star Olivia Palermo. As a spin-off of MTV’s The Hills, Whitney Port’s adventures in New York have fashioned yet another pin-up girl worthy of her own photo gallery and “girl of the month” from January on She rarely puts a heeled foot wrong and while most of her wardrobe likely consists of brands we’ll never be able to afford, she’s got a keen eye for a great outfit that even the smallest budget could re-create (I can’t help but drool over her boyfriend either).

With a girls dinner on the cards this June long weekend, I think I’m going to steal some of Olivia’s style when putting together my get up for the night (now if only my local Target had that pleat jacquard skirt.......).

Have a great week!

Yours truly

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  1. Gorgeous selection of those dresses!! They are stylish and trendy!!


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