Thursday, October 1, 2009

Easiest & best summer drink..... EVER

What you need:
- A free Sunday afternoon
- Some great beats cranking out of the stereo/mp3 player
- A few friends/family members (unless you want to enjoy this on your own, then grab a book or magazine)

- Bundaberg Ginger Beer
- Vodka (brand is up to you)
- Handfuls of mint (loads of 'em)
- Ice
- Small tumblers

What to do:
- Turn on music

- Place ice in tumbler
- Pour shot of vodka (or more if you have the day off on Monday)
- Place handful of chopped mint leaves in glass
- Fill glass with Bundaberg Ginger Beer
- Find yourself a seat
- Chill......

Best served with your choice of canapes/nibblies (rice paper rolls are quite good with this, load 'em up with corriander and you'll get double the herb hit).

If this isn't the best drink you have all summer, I'm not a 27 year old chick living in Brisvegas.


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