Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So not celebrity....

I couldn't help but post a few pics of some non-celebrities I found on the web so far this week. While I don't get a lot of time to write on this blog due to work, life commitments, I always make time in the mornings with a coffee or at night after dinner to check out what's happening on the net.

You all know I love Chictopia and everyone who's anyone reads The Satorialist (where a few photos are from this week) but I also have a few other secret blogs I follow for their interesting images and great links. One of the best ways to find out about other blogs is by checking out who your favourites reccomend.

While checking out one of said blogs today, I came across a picture of these two amazing young fashionistas. Can you believe Noa & Lev are only 14? And they have their own blog..... Brains & Beauty. While people under the age of 17 being more fashionable than most of the world scares me to death, I can't help but admire these two for so clearly knowing what they love and [in this digital age] being able to so easily make it come to life.

The lovely Karen from Where Did You Get That is one lucky gal - not only does she have the body to rival Ms Gisele herself (check out those legs will you) but she's fashionable and has one heck of a photographer for a boyfriend. This shot stood out so much to me this morning, it's making me want to go and buy myself a digital SLR camera even though I can't afford it. Getting the light right in a train? Genius.

Two reasons for posting this shot (apart from the fact that it's a fantastic moving image) - I want those legs and that necklace. Ok, so maybe three reasons - I wouldn't say no to those heels either!

I couldn't miss out a few Chictopia shots either - I'm on the look out for a nice black maxi dress for summer but can't seem to find one. If only this gal was in Australia, she only spent $40 on this gorgeous number from Target!

Ummmm - hello, can I have that necklace please? And while we're at it, that dress is very chic. Most of us couldn't pull off the big shoulders that are around at the moment (since we're not all Beyonce) but this LBD actually works. Not too big that they're over the top but not too small that they look like they're trying too hard. And isn't she just a cutie to boot? I think I'm going to be on the look out for a big chunky necklace in the coming weeks...... can't you tell?

Have a good hump day all!


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