Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday photos

This weeks photos are a little different as I couldn't help but pick a few hits and misses from the millions of images sprawled across the websites I look at each day.

And who better to start with than Ms Lohan herself. Recently celebrating her birthday at a pool within the MGM (as you do), she managed to look over tanned, unkempt and generally lacklustre. At least she's not stick thin for a change I suppose. The sooner midrif tops go back out style the better I say.

Doing her upmost to make sure no one actually realised there was any golf going on, Jessica Simpson decided on an interesting choice of dress for a Pro-Am tournament with boyfriend Tony recently. Didn't anyone ever tell her horizontal stripes make you look wider?

And who could forget lil 'ol Mischa - looking a little like the aforementioned Miss Lohan don't you think? While I know I'm not one for looking like a supermodel when leaving (or even entering) a club, Barton looks considerably bad exiting a nightclub in London this week. Surely if you knew you were going to get photographed when you walked out the door, you'd check yourself in the mirror first!

Coming up trumps this week though are the lovely Kate Moss and reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Coveting Moss' cute grey blazer, this is one outfit that's worth copying (if you can pull off white jeans of course). The mix of muted tones really brings her look together and I'm loving loose singlets at the moment (great for covering up winter muffin tops).

I also had to include this great close up shot of Kim and her smoky eyes, out celebrating her sisters birthday. If you're heading out this weekend, get yourself some black eye shadow and nude lipstick. This one's going up on the bathroom mirror for Saturday night!

And just for good measure, a few cute shots from my favourite website, Chictopia.

This one is inspired by my brother (weird I know, let me explain!). When he visited NY a few years back I asked for an I Heart NY t-shirt but alas, I didn't receive. So when his best friend travelled over there earlier this year, he got me one via proxy. And I love it! I don't know that I can pull it off with short shorts but black jeans most certainly.

Enjoy your weekends.


PS. A special shout out to my gorgeous boyfriend and his lovely twin sister for their 27th birthday this Sunday!

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