Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogs worth checking out: Fashion under $100

If you're reading this and living/visiting America, you're in luck. Dana's website is a virtual wardrobe of stars outfits without the Paris Hilton price tag. In between selected shots of everyone from Kate Beckinsale to Anne Hathaway's stylist looks are outfits put together for readers who've requested Dana's help for special occasions.
While I may not be a big online buyer due to a fear of having to re-sell everything on ebay (and exchange rates if they're overseas sites) I do love to sticky beak at what the celebs are wearing and Fashion Under $100 is a great site to add to your favourites. With a handy select by celebrity menu and full links to where each items have been chosen from, it's like an address book without a paper and pen.
While some of the photoshopping and image cropping makes me cringe, I understand why after posting so many outfits you'd start not to worry about cutting every little bit of an image out. I still wonder where all these bloggers get the time to post every 5 minutes of the day - if only I was a stay at home Mum or work from home blogger!
So whether you're a game online buyer or just after some inspiration for a Saturday night outfit, Fashion Under $100 is well worth a look.


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