Thursday, June 25, 2009

Think outside the square

Don't get me wrong, pink ribbons, white lace and calligraphy have their place on a wedding invitation (if that's what you're into). But if like me you're not one of those girly girls or your husband-to-be doesn't seem to keen on having flowers and love hearts sent around to all his mates, here's a great idea to steal.

This is by far one of the most wonderful invitations I've ever seen. Clever, irreverant, funny, and unusual, I can only imagine these two are a riot. What a great way to show how much they love each other all the while being a bit tongue in cheek. While I don't know them personally, I bet their wedding wasn't your average church aisle, white dress type affair.

Now all I want to know is how he proposed! Enjoy.

* Click on the image for a larger view

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