Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday photos - RIP Farrah

I couldn't not include the lovely and talented Farrah Fawcett in today's photos after hearing of her passing last night. Well before ladies were asking for "the Jennifer" at the hairdresser, women around the world were dreaming of long, blonde flowing locks just like the Charlie's Angels star (getting her haircut was easy, getting her body was a little more difficult!).

Also in today's line up are some more lovely ladies including Kate Moss at the opening of a friends hair salon in a gorgeous black lace dress (hello copies galore) and Megan Fox looking lovely in brights promoting Transformers 2.
Last but by NO means least, I've included 2 very stunning guys in today's photos - who could go past the young and delicious Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl (why Serena or Blair didn't stick with him I'll never know!) and the dashing and very well dressed Adrian Brody, heading off to a Hugo Boss catwalk show (doesn't he look the part?). This shot reminds me of my Grandfather - tall, lean, immaculately and appropriately dressed. Maybe some inspiration for any fellas out there this weekend...... (or at least for you to dress your man, ladies).
Thanks again to Popsugar for today's photos.
Enjoy the weekend!

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