Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Test Drive: Clinique Take the Day Off Make-Up Remover Milk

What THEY say: Gentle, milky makeup dissolver removes even long-wearing facial makeup and sunscreens, then tissues off or rinses away with water. Residue-free formula leaves all skin types soft, comfortable. For all skin types, ideal for drier skins. Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free.

Directions: massage over dry face, avoiding eyes, rinse or tissue off. Follow with Clinique 3-Step.

So you’ve tried everything from a Coles $3 facial tissue to $70 SK-II Cleanser and you still wake up to see your pillow looking like you we’re hit with a makeup gun a-la Homer’s crazy invention in the Simpson’s “Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” episode.

While I can’t confirm this stuff will give you Cate Blanchett’s skin overnight but what I can tell you is that for a makeup remover that is JUST a makeup remover, it’s worth every cent. Thanks to the lovely lady at the David Jones Clinique counter I met a few weeks back while buying foundation, I was given a sample and as usual, threw it in a drawer with all the other samples I’ve been given over the years (I really should throw out that brown lipstick that I was given back in 2001).

Two things set this product apart from every other I’ve tried – firstly, it’s just a makeup remover. So many products I’ve been given or tested in past years are cleansers, purifiers, toners or moisturisers when all I want is something that will remove a day’s worth of work in 5 minutes. Secondly, you don’t need water. This may sound neurotic but I when I have to take my makeup off with water, no kind of shower cap, headband or towel can seem to keep the water away from my hair and wet hair means another wash the next morning (which if we were on lower level water restrictions in Queensland I wouldn’t mind so much but I am trying to be kind to the environment). To my delight however, a day or two after being given the bottle I went back into the drawer and read the directions – rinse or TISSUE off. Praise the lord, I didn’t need water!

Not only does this milk remove almost all traces of makeup (and I use medium to heavy based foundation) but it also makes your skin feel lovely afterwards and can easily be removed with a small makeup pad (I use Swisspers in case you’re wondering). Now I don’t mean to sound like a complete contradiction but after a few uses I did actually end up putting a little touch of water onto my hands before applying the milk, simply so it was a little easier to apply but fear not, my hair was drier than the Simpson desert.

Pros: Did I mention you didn’t need to use water?

Cons: Because I use a medium to heavy based makeup I did find a little bit of foundation remained after one use with the milk however a second application with a tiny amount soon removed it. Due to the instructions advising not to use around eyes I couldn’t remove my mascara as well but I always keep a pack of facial wipes in the bathroom cupboard (mainly for late nights out when all I can manage is to wipe a tissue across my face before falling into bed) so my eye makeup was swiftly removed with minimal effort.

Verdict: At $45 for 200ml, it’s not exactly the cheapest makeup remover on the market but if you’re after something that is allergy tested and fragrance free and really stacks up, then this is for you. Without having to use too much each application, the bottle should last (and frankly, if it works it’s worth it – wait, that’s Loreal’s line isn’t it?). Ask your local Clinique counter for a sample if you’re not willing to fork out for the full bottle first time round.

4 ½ out of 5 stars

Yours truly



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