Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barkins online

In case you haven't read a blog, magazine or fashion website in the last month or are simply living under a rock, let me introduce to you Barkins and their latest season, all available online.

Receiving a 2 page spread in this month and a number of other blog mentions around the world wide web, Barkins offer cute, cheap on trend items that appeal to a wide range of age groups. They do have a few stores around the country, check out the listings on their website but if you're wondering why you might have seen the label before, they are also available in Table Eight Outlet stores (my local DFO at Brisbane Airport has almost the entire range every season).

I've fallen in love with a few new season items so much, I'm tempted to do a DFO trip this weekend to check them out. When you can get a whole outfit for less than $150 hell, who wouldn't want to pay them a visit.

Check out my picks.....

From top to bottom:
Stone Trench $89.95

Petal Print top: $39.95
Paisley Tunic: $49.95
Pleated Waist Top: $34.95
Splatter Printed Skirt: $39.95
Lace Corset Belt: 24.95

Yours truly

EDIT: Being the addicted shopper I am, I raced to DFO last night to try on these items and couldn't help but purchase the Petal Print top and Pleated Waist top, too good to pass up at such a small price. Had I needed a beige trench, I would have bought that too. If your off shopping this weekend, I'd recommend DFO Brisbane Airport, there were a number of great items in other stores I didn't have time to look in (including some hot printed gumboots in Steve Madden!).

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