Saturday, April 4, 2009

I have a confession

After seeing numerous trailers for Confessions of a Shopaholic and thinking it was going to be 2 hours of Isla Fisher screaming, my girlfriend and I just returned home pleasantly surprised and giggling like school girls.

While most scenes are very predictable and it’s cinematography very Sex & the City like, it was still a great laugh and inspirational in a number of ways (yes, I know it’s just a Hollywood chick flick but you’d be surprised at how much we’re subconsciously influenced by them).

Relieved were we that we both didn’t have as much credit card debt as Rebecca but, jealous were we also that we weren’t anywhere near as daring with our fashion choices. To say Bec’s colour combinations were daring would be an understatement but she managed to pull off every outfit just as good as Carrie. Unfortunately what got to me the most was her secret debt and the clothes she hid that got her into it.

I still remember a shopping trip at the age of 12 when after the routine parade of purchases I watched my Mum put 3 items back into their bags and placed them on top of the wardrobe. Why, I asked, weren’t they going on coat hangers ready to wear first thing Monday morning like all purchases should? What a silly question that was. While my parents were certainly not short of money, my Mum still knew that when it came to shopping, Dad’s sometimes just don’t get it. And sometimes, it’s better to stash a few tops away till next month so they don’t realise how much you spent!

But alas, having since grown up and done the same thing myself (here’s hoping my man doesn’t read this post) I’ve realised that, like Rebecca Bloomwood, I need to be more careful with my spending. Hearing the government’s stimulus package heads into our bank accounts next week, I’ve decided to be more frugal with the $950 and put majority of it on my credit card. I say majority, only because K-Rudd himself instructed us to stimulate the economy and stimulate the economy I will - hello “Sabrina” dress from Saba.

So while I sit here and think of all the things I shouldn’t spend the rest of the stimulus package on and search the internet for more inspirational photos of Ms Bloomwood’s outfits, I only hope that if you haven’t seen Confessions yet, you get yourself to the cinema quick smart (bypassing any sale signs on the way).

Yours truly

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