Sunday, April 5, 2009

Affordable fashion

Sunday morning. Coffee in hand, toast devoured and dog loudly sniffing for crumbs at my feet. This week’s Grazia at the ready. Expecting all manner of incomprehensibly expensive clothing and accessories sprawled across its pages. Pouring over Favourite Fashion Moments and the Fashion Top 10 and my expectations are confirmed. But..... What’s this? Are those Target clothes that look suspiciously like they could be from the “labels” level of David Jones?

Ok, ok, so it’s pretty obvious when the bright red headline reads The devil wears Target but cover it up with another pair of skinny leg jeans (yes, just $49.99) and I guarantee you would have been just as shocked as I was. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known for a number of years there’s the odd bargain to be found in many a place like Target and we all know how well the collaborations with designers Tina Kalivas and Stella McCartney have gone but put together as they have been on pages 40 and 41 and I mistook them for another bunch of irresistible and over priced winter wishes that would set you back half your monthly pay packet.

I can’t help but love the cute fingerless gloves, argyle vest and lumber jacket with fur trim – all under $50. Grazia have got it right, “layering monochrome accessories with crisp white and soft greys” is just one of the great trends for autumn 2009. And thanks to places like Target, in financial times like these some of us can go home with 4 items that the girls at the office will think you picked up from Country Road - not on sale.

Three items for less than $110 wasn’t enough? Well you’re in luck, Target have yet another page full of hot picks inspired by the hit flick Rebel without a Cause and Dotti has their own promotional page all about boho babushka. A cute bomber jacket and red wrap cardigan have caught my eye and encouraged me to search for a few more key items for the budget conscious but fashion obsessed.

After seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday and in true Rebecca Bloomwood style, you can’t go past a snazzy pair of gloves and if you’re daring enough, try something bright in orange leather. I also can’t resist a beautiful trench coat no matter what the colour and Big W comes to the party with a purple tie waist style that won’t date.

Since the only time you should bare all underneath a trench coat is Valentine’s Day, you’ll need something for inside the office and (recently released into the Australian market from NZ) has pages to choose from. The gorgeous Natalia high neck dress will take you from the office to drinks without a fuss.

You might think it a clash with orange gloves and a purple coat but if you need a colour injection once a week, add a soft red knitted scarf from French Connection and you’ll stand out from the crowd. To top it all off and stick to the budget, try the heeled brogues from Payless Shoes. Pair them with black opaque stockings and your legs will look longer than the Empire State building.

Total price tag a low $448. I’ve seen brooches worth more than that (refer Grazia page 58!). Not to mention you can pair every item back with the rest of your wardrobe and you’ll last the next season.

Yours truly

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