Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What to wear: Things I'm lusting after

Today's title is actually a little incorrect - it's should really be What to Buy. Because instead of an outfit, I decided to pop up a few things I'm currently lusing after.

Since my man asked me yesterday what I wanted for my birthday, I thought I'd show you a few things I'm currently lusting after in the fashion and furniture department (I hope you're reading this babe, hints don't get any bigger than this...haha).

In the picture
Shop Til You Drop subscription 12 issues $59.95 Magshop
Instyle subscription 12 months $79 isubscribe
"Daria" handbag in Mocca $269.95 Witchery
Apothecary bottle $89.95 Domayne
Biker jeans $119.95 Witchery
Balloon Girl brooch UK$21 Stolen Thunder
'h' tote bag $39 Lola & Bailey
"Return to Tiffany" bracelet $135 Tiffany & Co

Since I just couldn't do this post without an outfit though, here's what I'm thinking of wearing to dinner on Saturday night with my parents. With all this rainy weather in Brisbane, I'm thinking of taking a blazer just in case it's a little chilly out. Mecca Bah here we come...mmmmm

In the picture
Beaded cami $55.95 (on sale) Sportsgirl
Jeans $89.95 Witchery
Blazer US$32.80 Forver21
Heels $89.95 Lipstik
Earrings $16.94 Sportsgirl
Bangles $24.99 Diva

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