Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oscar Oscar

So I've trawled through as many red carpet photos as I can in the last 2 days to try and work out who I thought was the best dressed on Oscar night and I think I've got my pick. Drum roll please......

Congratulations Ms Nicole Richie!
(This may not come as a surprise to some!)

While I agree with a few other bloggers about her eye make up being a little bit too futuristic, that dress is just to die for. And well done to Ms Richie (or her stylist/hairdresser) for chosing to go with a simple up do so as not to detract from the dress - just divine. Sometimes I do think the make up artists go a bit overboard with the nude lipstick (give them just a HINT of colour, please!) but that leads me onto my second pick for best dressed....

Enter Maggie Gyllenhaal.

You have to give this girl credit - she always goes a little left of centre with her fashion choices but pulls them off every time - and this Oscar outfit is no exception. I love that she chose a print, I love that she went with some simple earrings to compliment it and I absolutely LOVE the shade of pink lipstick she topped off the ensemble with! You really can see the confidence in Miss Maggie, she's just a gorgeous creature all over.

While there were a few other mentionable outfits (and some unmentionable!), these two were by far my favourites. Well done on chosing something timeless and elegant ladies.... applause now please!


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