Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's (finally) beginning to look a lot like Christmas

While it may have taken a bit longer than usual, it's finally beginning to look (and feel) like Christmas in my home. I managed to get to Ikea earlier today and low and behold, I came back with some bargain Chrissy decorations and oddly named furniture that my man had to put together.

To make our little house a bit more festive, I managed to pick up a gorgeous wreath in the Christmas decoration section - on sale for just $9.99! Being only a week before Christmas, all their decorations and trees were marked down and I've been looking for a non-traditikonal wreath for years. I simply added a little red ribbon to jazz it up and I'm so in love with it, I'm wondering how long I will be able to leave it on the front door for before my man tells me to take it down.
Left: Ikea Kotte Wreath, Right: Hanging on our door

We have 3 spare rooms in our house - one for the guest bed, one for the weights bench which never gets used and one for my desk and the ironing. I've longed for a beautiful home office for years and am slowly getting close to it. I may not have everything matching exactly just yet but I know one day I will. I picked up a very reasonably priced bookshelf whilst at Ikea and now have all my paper, ribbons and magazines off the floor where the dog enjoys putting little claw holes in everything.

Now if only I could get the place to look something like this, I'd be the happiest woman in the world! (don't you just love the wallpaper?)

After watching my man get a blister thanks to the bookshelf assembly, I re-organised the office room and sat down to read a few blogs. If you haven't checked out Parcel Post yet, you are missing out. I found out that this particular blog is the work of a lovely young couple who own a store in Venice, California called Urbanic. And I tell you, this is my DREAM shop. All that stunning paper and stationery, bookshelves full of ribbon and gifts and invitations..... lord I would go nuts in a place like this. If I had the money, I'd be out scouring Brisbane for a shop front to fill with things just like the products at Urbanic right now. I think I'm going to start buying lotto tickets - first on my list would be travelling to Venice to check these guys out, then back home (maybe via New York, Paris, Greece) to set up my own shop....... Ahhhh, one can dream can't they?


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