Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've fallen in love with Lonny

That's right. I've fallen in love with an online magazine.

While flicking through a new favourite blog Black Eiffel I came across this wonderful home/design/decoration magazine called Lonny.

I'm a big magazine junkie which I blame my mother for (50 to 100 copies of Vogue in the house at any given time) but I just haven't gotten into the world of online magazines because you can't sit down with a cuppa, feel the gorgeous glossy paper in your hands or turn page corners down when you find something you like. Yes, I know you can pop your laptop on your knees whilst on the couch and click to turn the page but it's just not the same.

What sucked me in most about this online mag was the people's houses featured in the Fall issue (it's American) have decor and homewares that aren't all worth over $5,000 - and that's just for a lamp shade.

Vogue Living and the like are what I call "scratchie" mags. As in, if you ever win $25,000 on a scratchie you might actually be able to afford some of the items in the magazine. Lonny shows you that the right mix of antique pieces (yes, they can be cheap) and chain store finds can actually make your place look like it should be in the next issue.

I'm also a sucker for photographs of people in their own home with their beautiful pets. People aren't the only ones who make a house a home. The best part of my day is the minute I walk in the door to see my man and our dog waiting to greet me with a mouth full of drool (the dog that is).

The positives of this online magazine though - you can have your lunch break at your desk and read it while enjoying your sandwhich. Even better, check your emails on a Saturday morning over breakfast and flick through it then.

Well worth the read and with barely any ad pages (which we love!) get onto Lonny now and be inspired!


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