Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'll have what she's having

When: Saturday Night

What: Meeting up with an old work colleague back from 2 years in the UK

Where: X&Y Bar, Fortitude Valley (highly recommended)

Wore: Barkins grey boyfriend blazer, Witchery white loose fitting singlet, Dotti black "jeanie" pants (as posted about last week and named so because apparently they make me look like I Dream of Jeanie in them) , Diva black horn necklace, Tony Bianco black suede round toe heels, Portmans black clutch.

Drink: the Applesinthe cocktail $19 - La Fee Bohemian Absinthe, French Apple Liqueur, cloudy Apple Juice, Lemon Juice and Passionfruit Pulp in a tall glass w/ crushed ice.

Ever had drink envy? It's the same as food envy - when someone else orders something and you wish you'd ordered what they had instead of the crap you ended up with. Well I had drink envy on Saturday night. I frequently can't decide what to drink when I'm out because a lot of places have shitty wine selections (and that's mostly what I drink). And so in my hasty decision to pick something so I didn't piss off the bartender, I ended up drinking champagne at $9 a glass (yes, $9 a glass. I can get a whole bottle for that at my local).

What I WISHED I'd ordered was the above mentioned Applesinthe. Two girls beside me at the bar ordered them about half way through the evening and the smell when the cocktail shaker was poured was intoxicating. I could have saved myself some money (and trips to the bar) by ordering 4 of those instead of 8 glasses of champagne but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it.
If you haven't checked out X&Y yet, I highly recommend it. Funky beats (including some awesome old school tracks), a great cocktail list, a cheeky "hole in the floor" so you can see how busy it is upstairs if you're in the downstairs bar (beware if you're wearing a skirt/dress ladies) and some mega groovy bar staff who wear t-shirts bearing the faces of dead icons such as Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett etc. Check out their website or drop in (they're right across from Cloudland on Ann Street, Fortitude Valley) - the cocktails are worth the trip.
PS. Since we're talking drinks, I came across the easiest and best summer sip at the Westfield Chermside function a few weeks back - vodka, Bundaberg Ginger Beer and loads of fresh mint. Helllllooooo warm, lazy Sunday afternoons............

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