Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday photos

Due to a bout of the flu (thankfully not of the swine variety) I haven't had a chance to check much out this week, unless you count the couch and the first 3 seasons of Entourage on DVD (thanks JH).

I have however managed to grab a few photos for today (click the image for a larger view). I've long been a fan Fergie but hadn't warmed to her new hair colour much until now. When not wearing long green, pointy nails and Princess Leia-esk head pieces, she really works a killer mini with those legs (I'm still miffed about her marrying Josh Duhamel though).

Now out on her own and heading down what seems to be a Nicole Richie path (leave a show, write a novel etc), Lauren Conrad released her book LA Candy this week and looked fab whilst doing so. I think leaving The Hills has done wonders already (sans plaits and that dress is stunning!).

In case you didn't already have any, 3 great reasons to go see Transformers when it's out on June 24th:
1. Josh Duhamel - for the gals
2. Megan Fox - for the guys and seen here at another premier function
3. Some of the most amazing digital effects I've ever seen - the robots are so real I actually walked out of the first installment thinking I needed my own Bumblebee

Kate "close to the most photographed woman in the world" Moss was also out and about this week for the first time since the Costume Gala and looking cute in a graphic printed dress and flats. How unfortunate that everything she wears isn't Topshop as no doubt this little ensemble is worth more than my annual salary.

And last but by no means least, a back-to-blonde Sarah Michelle Gellar was looking cute as a button covering her baby bump when shopping for new sunglasses. The boots/tights/skirt combo is great for the weather we're experiencing here in Brisbane at the moment. The only problem is now I want to go spending tomorrow's pay day on a pair of boots like hers (be good, be good, be good).

With any luck, I'll finish Madison and Grazia this evening and report back over the weekend. Hot chocolates and doona's all round Brisbanites.

Yours truly

NB. Thanks to for the photos this week.... sickness = lazyness.

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