Monday, June 29, 2009

Country Road Kids

After visiting the biggest Country Road store in Queensland on Saturday, I think I've succumbed to the "buying for baby" bug. Since I don't have kids but have a number of friends who do (and a few who are soon to pop), my shopping trips now always include a look in the children's sections and if you haven't checked out Country Road's section, you're missing out.
I could have easily bought 20 things, my favourite of all were the gorgeous silver ballet flats for babies (the same as the ones I happen to be wearing that day). With everything from cute red & cream striped woolen dresses and summery pinafores for girls to cowboy check shirts and cargo shorts for boys, they've got the stylish child look down pat.

Even cuter were the gorgeous catalogue posters on the walls with an array of lovely little-uns in duffle coats, beanies and scarves (all of which I'd love for myself if they made them in my size!).

Great for gifts of for your bubs if you've got them, check it out now while the sales are on.


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