Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday photos - Mother's Day special

I couldn't help but put in more photos than normal this Friday, especially a few special Mother's Day pics (as if gals didn't like Zac Efron enough, we have to see him cuddling up to his Mumma).

And how adorable do Mrs Aguilera and her gorgeous Max look in their photo for People Magazine - cute as a button and she's looking fabulous.

I also couldn't help but take a hint from the gals over at Fabsugar and include this gorgeous alphabet tote from Urban Outfitters. While there might not be time to have it delivered from the US, it's certainly going on a wish list just maybe for Christmas....
A very Happy Mother's Day to Mum's everywhere - especially to girlfriends Merrin (having her first Mother's Day) and Nat (who isn't far off due!).
Yours truly

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